i don't know who the wise guy was that told this little girl it was okay for her to grow up so fast.  against my wishes she's doing it anyway.  i know it's so cliché, but they really do grow up in a blink of an eye. 

i swear it was just yesterday i was kissing those massive pound puppy cheeks of hers.  these days she runs away before i can plant one on her.  and if I am lucky enough to sneak one on her, she wipes it off and says "ewww. do you have to do that on my cheek."  i tell her get used to it.  because the answer will always be yes. always.

she is at such a fun age.  and such a hard age.  she can make me want to scream and then laugh so hard i wet my pants...all in the same breath. as demanding and frustrating she can be though, she still has every.single.one.of.us wrapped around her little finger.  she bats those pretty little eyes and we are all done for.  i kind of love her all the more for it.  sass and all.

*speaking of demanding and temperamental. the flowers were her idea. she was insistent. and then once she saw the finished pictures she says "nah, i guess i really didn't like them that much".  sigh.



Nine years ago today, this handsome boy made me a mother.
He is truly one of the most amazing children I know.
He has the biggest heart.  He loves everyone.  And wants everyone to feel loved.
He is Honest. Kind. Smart. Funny. Creative. Wise beyond his years.
There has been times when he has tested my patience to the max...but the moments are so few and far between.  Honestly there are more times when I think, man I hope I can be more like Isaac some day.
He is just a good kid.  I love him more than words can say.  And am thankful every.single.day. that he is my boy.



This little girl just turned seven.
She is smart. She is witty. She is caring. She is incredibly talented. She is absolutely beautiful.
I look at this little lady and I don't know how I got so lucky.  Man I sure do love her something fierce.

*those two front teeth of hers are so ready to come out.  she refuses to let me pull them though.  i am beyond excited for that toothless grin!


6 months.

bits and pieces of the past six months...

girls trip to the circus.
boyce thompson arboretum.
 holi powder.
cheering for orson. night cross country run.
working on a movie set.
corn mazes. pumpkins. trains. too strong.
disguise a turkey.
clark kent... in honor of meeting dean cain.
in our christmas jammies.
 making olaf (from frozen) with cousins.
butterfly gardens.
getting lost in mirror mazes.
jumping into the new year.


from us to you.

wishing you a very merry christmas.
filled with so much joy and laughter.
with lots of love,

the mortensens


We're the Croooooooods.

*My first time "making" Halloween costumes. I wanted to say it would be my last... but by the end I actually enjoyed it.  Not necessarily during.  But after everything was said and done.  It was fun watching the kids getting excited about the process.  The sense of accomplishment when everything is finished.  I just might be brave enough to try it again... as long as no fur is involved.  Never again with the fur.  Can we say asthma anyone...
**Also are we the only people out there that LOVED The Croods Movie?  I could not find a toy "Belt" anywhere.  Only the miniature one that came in the movie.  Lame.