Pound Puppy.

Anyone else feel the urge to give these cheeks a big ol' smooch, or is it just me?
I am totally smitten.

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emily said...

stick me in the smooch line,

she is beautiful.

Lara said...

Oh yeah. Those cheeks win the prize in smoochability.

Lacey said...

So cute!!! She can't even keep her mouth shut her cheeks are so big!!

The Miller's said...

She is so flippen cute!!

debrajo said...

My life is seriously complete again because you posted a link to this long-lost post! :) Her darling pound puppy cheecks make me happy, too, even if they are now a thing of the past. :)

debrajo said...

I know how to spell cheeks. :) I'm just typing too fast, haha!