That Giraffe is Sad

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day. In the 80's, cloudy and a little breezy. We ("Aunt" Sylvia went with us) took advantage of the nice weather and went to the zoo. The smallest zoo I have ever been to, but it was PERFECT for toddlers. Just a handful of animals, and by the time you have walked through the whole zoo, the kids are ready for it to be over anyway. It was PERFECT!

Isaac's favorite was seeing the zebra's "racing stripes". You get to see all of these animals up close, and the zebras had looked at Isaac and were grazing their way the same direction we were headed. Isaac thought for sure they were following him, and listening to everything he was telling them. Which consisted of things like "Hi racing stripes. I love your movie. I will be back to see you later Racing Stripes. I will watch your movie tomorrow. I love you Racing Stripes." Isaac was very sweet with all of the animals. Talking to them like they understood every word. He even got a little teary eyed as he told me the giraffe was sad to be in his cage, and he wanted to be in the grass with the zebras. Sweet boy!

Ainsley's favorite part was the Parrot. It kept saying "hello" and every time it talked, she would jump. She actually did really good and I think she liked all of the animals. The cages are so close to you, and not that big, so it was easy enough for her to find the animals.

After the zoo. . . and the gift shop, went to the park across the street and went for a little train ride. Another big hit!

We are a much happier family when we can spend time outside together. I am very thankful for this beautiful weather. I sure hope it sticks around for awhile.


Pool Time

I can't believe it's all ready that time of year again. . . time to hit the pools. Our community pool had opened over the weekend, so I took the kids Monday morning. The water was FREEZING, but we had a blast. I forgot my camera, so no pictures. . . bummer, because they looked so cute.

Later that evening we turned on our sprinkler and ate Popsicles for FHE. I truly love this time of the year, when it's warm enough to enjoy summer activities but we aren't dying of a heat stroke every time we step out the door. So expect lots of outdoor pictures for awhile, while we live it up with this nice weather!

These pictures of Ainsley running through the water crack me up. I know you can't see her face, but it was HILARIOUS to watch her run as fast as she could. So funny!

Isaac and Ainsley enjoying a summer staple! Okay a year round staple in our home.


Sharing Sand Man

I have been wanting the kids to spend more time outside, more specifically outside in our BACK yard. Their choice place is in the garage, and front yard, so decided to make the back yard a little more appealing. This weekend we decided to add a sandbox.

Isaac has been in this sandbox ALL day. As soon as breakfast was over he was out the door, and after his afternoon (weekend) nap, he was right back outside.

A second "Little Tykes" car was also purchased this weekend. Isaac and Ainsley had been fighting over our ONE for weeks. I know some might say they should learn to share the ONE. . . but my theory is every child has their OWN bike. . . and these are our backyard bikes.

Lucky for me they now SHARE the TWO cars. Each taking turns riding in the blue and then the yellow.

This last picture is our little stick of a tree we planted on Earth Day. Isaac calls it "His Tree", and is very diligent about giving it water and checking on the tree every morning. Yesterday it sprouted/grew (?) it's first leaves. Isaac must be doing something right!


In Training

I am finally buckling down with Isaac's potty training. Today was my first day and NO ACCIDENTS! Here's the deal. . . he knows how to go to the bathroom in the toilet, he's been doing that for over a year. He just gets lazy and would rather wear a diaper than tell me when he needs to go. I hear boys can be harder. . . I sure hope that's true because I don't look forward to doing this again with Ainsley!

Here's a picture of my Little Miss Grumpy. She tends to be in a bad mood quite often, and I thought a Popsicle would cheer her up. It didn't.