For the Family

These next couple posts, will probably bore most. But Grandma's and Grandpa's will love them!

The night before Christmas. . . .

First look. . . YEAH SANTA CAME!

Let the unwrapping begin. . .

(Isaac's response to every single gift was "oh my goodness, I can't believe it! Just what I always wanted!")

Ainsley loved her gifts too, but took a little too long for Isaac's liking, so he opened most of hers too. She didn't mind a bit. She was just as excited watching him open her presents. She wanted to study each gift, and unwrapping them just got in the way. Isaac and Ainsley make a great team."

Our little ROCK STARS (we jam out to jonas brothers around here)!
check out those dimples!



Minor Casualties

We decorated Gingerbread (graham cracker) houses last night, or as Isaac describes it "a map of santa's house in the north pole."

These pictures are definitely not my best work. I actually almost forgot to take pictures. It feels good to be enjoying life so much, that I forgot about my camera until the last minute.

Ainsley's house, created by herself. . . with daddy behind the frosting work. Most of her candy had to pass a taste test to make it onto her house. Yummy.

Isaac didn't want any of his candy to be licked or eaten. Every piece was needed, and each had a specific purpose. By the looks of it though, those same standards didn't apply to Santa, himself.


Minus a Toe Pick

We woke up this morning to our very own, personal, backyard ice skating rink. Seeing as almost every single Christmas movie has at least one ice skating scene, Isaac was beyond stoked to skate. What better way to start your day, than to gracefully glide across your own back porch?! (or in some cases, Mike, not so graceful. . . sorry I didn't catch that fall on camera!) After watching Isaac for a few minutes, of course Ainsley wanted to have her turn. "Anything brother does I can do better!"

Top it all off with some homemade hot cocoa. Mmm Life is Good! Thank you Daddy for making our morning an extra special one!


New Obsessions

I taught myself how to knit on Thursday. Yup. I. am. obsessed. My very first piece was a wrap/blanket for my next new obsession. I did my very first newborn shoot today. Just for fun. And fun it was.

Ashley moved like NO OTHER eleven day old baby, I have ever seen. She was born ready to crawl. Seriously.

In all honesty, my handy dandy knitting project is possibly the world's ugliest blanket, (Ashley made it look decent) but I couldn't be more proud! I am officially going on a knitting spree.

Back to Ashley. . . did you catch her cute little peek-a-boo toes? Does life get any sweeter than spending the day with this kind of perfection? nope. it. sure. doesn't.

Okay just ONE more peek, because I am in love with this itty bitty!