Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The Power Rangers movie was just on tv and I let Isaac watch it. I thought it was scary, but he loved it! They were doing all of those crazy flips and he says "Mom watch I can do that!" Does a half somersault thing and then says "Oh I guess I can't."

Funny boy!


Lazy Day

We all have colds around here, and I didn't feel like doing much, so I worked on some scrapbook pages. I still need to figure out how to take good pictures of the pages. I don't know if it's the lighting, or cropping that makes them look so poor. You pro's out there I could use some advice!


Child LIKE not ChildISH

Isaac, Ainsley, and I went shopping this past Saturday. I was trying to find some things for decorating my house, and I hit gold at Ross. Found the exact things I was looking for and at a great price! Go to purchase my items, and here is where the drama starts.

There were only TWO registers open and at least 15 people waiting between the two. We stood in line for almost 15 min (kid you not!). The line we were standing in was headed in an L shape, if that makes sense. I was finally fourth in line, and just about to make my way around the corner and be straight on with the register. Anyway one couple comes up and I over hear the man say "Yeah right, they think they can make the line go that way" and nods pointing to our little L shaped line (NOTE: we were trying to keep the shopping path clear and that is how the odd shaped line started). So this couple kind of cuts me off but keeps their distance a little.

The lady just in front of me gets frustrated with the wait and leaves. I start to move up to my place in line and that's when the couple moves in much faster. Now I was getting a little irritated standing in line for so long. Cart full, holding Ainsley on my hip, while trying to keep Isaac entertained. So when this lady cut me off, seeing what a struggle I was having, and I flipped.

I looked at her and said "Are you kidding?!" She just smirked and took another step forward. I said "this is ridiculous I have been waiting here longer than you. Then said to Isaac (the embarrassing part for me "this lady is very rude and I don't want to wait here any more." Isaac starts crying because he can't get the toy he picked out, and I make my way to the exit, just fuming. What kills me is look of satisfaction on this women's face.

I was furious, but decided to keep shopping and head for the next store on our list. Luckily Michael's (the store) had cheery Christmas music playing, and NICE fellow customers. There was a sweet woman who let me get in front of her in line because I had less than she did AND two squirmy children. Her politeness along with the music calmed me down completely.

Now I am just embarrassed about my childish display. Dang, now you guys know I am far from perfect :) !! Hopefully I have learned my lesson and next time I can control my temper!


Candy Land

Last monday night we made "Candy Houses" as Isaac calls them. I am not as creative, so you can totally tell which one is mine. Basic doors and windows. So creative! Isaac helped us with both of them, and probably ate tons more than he should have. . . but we had fun!

(The candy corns and green stuff up front was a swimming pool, Isaac's choice of color. He's on a green kick right now!)


It's a First

I just entered my first "scrapbook" challenge. It's been two years since Sarah introduced me to scrapbooking. Never would have thought I would have so much fun with it!! I have been a break lately, but I am trying to get back into my scrapping groove.

So anyway the challenge was decorate a pumpkin. I chose "fall" so I could keep it up longer. Really into the crinkle/wrinkle stuff right now, so that's what I did. It took me longer than I thought it would, but I had fun!

You guys in AZ can do another craft group :)


Lessons Learned This Week

What a week and it's only Thursday morning!!! The lessons I have learned this week:

1. Never buy tropical smelling trash bags again. Really who was I kidding, thinking it would mask the smell of food and dirty diapers. Hah! Now every time I open the trash can I smell diapers, food, and something that resembles tropical air fresheners (Key word RESEMBLES!)

2. If I make a batch of cookies I end up eating most of them myself. . . same goes for the Halloween candy too.

3. The harder I try to diet the more I want the foods I shouldn't eat (see above).

4. Texas weather is TEMPERAMENTAL. We had a nasty storm the other night. All kinds of lightening and true raining of cats and dogs. Then it got so cold the next couple days. Then this morning it is warm and sunny out. Note to self: buy all seasons of clothes for the kids, because you never know what you will need!

5. The longer I let the dishes pile up in the sink, the harder it is to get the courage to start cleaning!

6. Having a permanent attachment to my hips, does wonders for my posture (sarcastic). Ainsley has serious separation issues right now, and is glued to my hip. Good news though I am becoming ambidextrous.

7. Photography is harder than it looks. So much to learn, lots of practicing, and definitely not easy with "on the go" subjects!

8. Takes me at least 30 minutes to clean one room, and five minutes (or less) for Isaac to trash it.

9. I have more energy through out the day if I work out first thing in the morning, and sleep better if I do yoga before bed. . . but it's doing it that is the hard part.

10. Never ever put light colored carpet in my house when I have young children!!! Our house came with light carpet, and now it looks like feaux fur, dalmatian style! I feel like I am constantly cleaning spots (LOVE MY SPOT BOT). When I have the money saved I want wood floors, or even darker carpet!!

11. When making soup in my food processor NEVER forget the cover/shield thing. Soup will come flying out and spray the entire kitchen. Adds to the daunting task of cleaning the kitchen!!


Music and More

I finally added my music play list to the bottom of my blog! Thanks for introducing me to Regina Spektor, Bucky!!

Also some of you have been asking about my photography class. It is online with Amber Ludlow. I am learning a lot. Honestly though you guys are too nice. I still have A LOT to learn, and LOTS of practicing to do. I get lucky with my pictures. Some turn out really good, but most of the time not so good :) That's where the practicing comes in. My goal is to figure out how to work my camera and in time upgrade, which will make all the difference in my pictures.


Pickin' Pumpkins

Yesterday we went to the Bill Bates Pumpkin patch. There was a small petting zoo (goats, sheep and cows), I wasn't too impressed with it, but what does my opinion matter? Isaac liked feeding the goats. Ainsley even got in on the action.

We got free hot dogs, and I am happy to say Isaac ate his! I was thrilled. After dinner, we walked around and took LOTS of pictures on the hay bales. As you can see Ainsley had more fun eating the hay, and Isaac spent a lot of time trying to get Ainsley not to eat the hay.

Here's a few of Isaac playing with the pumpkins (aka me trying to get him to pose for a picture):

A few of Ainsley doing the same:

We also went on a hay ride. Isaac is still asking about the farmer who got "stuck" in the hay bales. I am sure most of you have seen something similar. There were signs along the way asking if anyone had seen farmer John (or whatever his name was). Then at the end there was some legs and a arm hanging out of the giant hay bale. I felt bad for a little girl older than Isaac. She was really concerned about it, and kept asking her parents if he was real.

After the hay ride we went and picked a small pumpkin for Isaac. We walked up and down the pumpkin patch and let Isaac pick his own. He looks thrilled in this picture. . . He really did have fun though pointing out all of the pumpkins and examining each to find the perfect pumpkin!

Then went to the store for some "cheaper" bigger pumpkins. We will be carving them in the next couple weeks. So watch for those pictures. Just to hold you over, here are last year and the year before. All Mike's artwork. I am more of the triangle face kind of gal. I am going to try something different this year, hopefully I will be successful and patient enough to do so!!


All at the Soccer Game

We went and watched Mike play soccer (with his work team) today. Isaac was a little bummed about not being able to play with the big boys. Wait, did I say "little". He wouldn't drop the subject the entire game. Luckily they only play two 20 minute halves.

Three milestones for Ainsley were noted at the soccer game. Well two and a half. First we will start with the half. She started waving yesterday. I was thinking maybe it was a fluke, but it wasn't. She waved at everyone we passed, and if they waved back she got so giddy. So cute.

Ainsley also started clapping today. She LOVES playing pattycake, but doesn't ever clap on her own. Then today at the game everyone started clapping (for a goal Mike scored) and she clapped. She continued clapping much of the game.

I also noticed, while at the game, that two little teeth are poking through. They are her two bottom teeth. Just barely poking, and you can only see them if the light hits just right. They can definitely be felt. Big girl!

How to Keep a 2 Year Old Still

As you can see from Michael's post below Isaac's procedure went good. He woke up faster than they thought he would. He was waking up before he was even into recovery. All of the nurses were very impressed that he never really cried or made any noise. He was cuddling with a nurse when they brought us in. After that he sat on Mike's lap and kind of whined and whimpered, mostly because of the IV in his foot. After they took that out he was fine.

We were told that he would probably sleep most of the day, and he would probably not have much of an appetite. Well he was FURIOUS that we tried to keep him down, and the boy was starving. I know most of you won't appreciate this, but a few will. He had a turkey and cheese sandwich, three rolls, two bowls of ice cream, one Popsicle, one smoothie, and two bowls of spaghetti O's. This all within a five hour period.

I also went on a little grocery run, and he wanted to go so bad, we made it a family outing. So the picture below is him on the carousel outside of the store. Way to keep him down all day huh?!

While the nurses were telling me the "rules" for when we get home, I just sat there and nodded my head. Really I was thinking "How do you keep a two year old still. . . all day? How do I get a PICKY two year old to only eat liquids (something to do after the anesthesia, not the teeth )?" So in the end we had Isaac watch a movie, and just avoided hard play. I let him eat anything he wanted, that wasn't hard or crunchy.

I definitely saw some prayers answered yesterday. Isaac was so brave, and recovered so quickly. Thank you everyone for your prayers!


Super-duper trooper

Everything went well. This is Isaac "resting" after his dental work.


Wish Us Luck

Tomorrow morning at 8:30 Isaac will be having his procedure done. I have actually done good, but now that it's time to go to bed, I am starting to get anxious. I hate this feeling. I hope I can get some sleep. We get to leave here at 6:30 in the morning, and our mornings around here don't normally start until at least 9.

He did really good last year, when he had surgery, so I pray this time goes as smoothly.

Here's a picture for my photography class. This past week we were working with natural lighting from inside. I sure love my little, grumpy, bucket head!


Crazy Eyes

I am taking a photography class online, so I have been spending a lot of time with my camera. Now this picture isn't good. . . I was just messing around with different settings, not really trying to take any good pictures. Ainsley was in a good mood and I wanted to practice.

Okay I warned you NOT A GOOD PICTURE. BUT you can see her two different colored eyes. One is hazel and one is blue. One of her eyes changed colors a few months ago, and I am starting to wonder if the other one is going to catch up. My sweet little crazy eyes!!


Mothers Who Know

I have been trying to sit down and type this for awhile. Even before conference. . . but as luck would have it my children have not cooperated. I have also had a few other things on my mind (see previous post regarding medical insurance).

I have a dear friend who has had many (major) struggles with her boys. The oldest is my age, the youngest is 17. These boys are like brothers to me, and it has been hard for me to watch them fall, and succumb to worldly pressures. It breaks my heart every time I talk to their mother , to hear her express her concerns and the challenges. She wonders where she went wrong, or when/if they will change their lives around. Her worries have become my own, not only for her boys, but for my own children as well.

I have worried watching Isaac and how frustrated he becomes (over the tiniest of things), and daily pray to know how to help him deal and overcome his frustrations.

I am sitting here trying to write the words, but nothing is coming. A small part of that is I am a little stressed with Isaac's procedure that will be done in two days, and dealing with this insurance. The biggest part is conference is over and I am at peace. So many GREAT talks. I LOVED loved LOVED the Sunday morning session. Every single talk had answers to prayers. Since we have DVR with our satellite, I have been able to go back and watch one talk at a time.

I know there will be struggles and hardships as I raise my children. I now have a stronger resolve to do the things that will better myself as a parent.

I am so blessed to have such sweet children. They are more often the better examples around our home (really don't know if that sentence is worded right, but "y'all" get the idea!)

1. The other night Michael was putting Isaac to bed, and he fell asleep instead. Isaac comes wandering back into the living room. I ask him what he is doing awake. He looks at me so innocently and says "Mom, we didn't say our prayers." Ouch. We knelt together, said our prayers, and he went to bed and right to sleep without any argument. Talk about a humbling experience.

2. A couple days ago I was so frustrated with Isaac, and Ainsley both. They hadn't been sleeping well at night, weren't taking very good naps. Not a good combination to have cranky, sleepy kids, and a grumpy, sleepy mom! I got after Isaac for waking up Ainsley (I had finally got her to go down for a nap). I felt horrible about it after, and went to talk to him. I first apologized for being upset, and let him know I am learning and trying to be a better mom. He tells me "Mom I know. I will help you. I love you. You are my best."


Mind Your Manners

Blogging. What is it about blogging that makes it so addictive? I have found myself thoroughly entertained, blog surfing, countless times. Even finding myself sometimes disappointed, when those blocked signs pop up. The ones that shout out "Mind your own business!"

Here are a few of my thoughts, and I would love to hear your opinions. First off if it's a public blog, it's free reign. Am I wrong? I don't mind people looking at mine. The more the better. I LOVE when people post comments. It's like getting an e-mail, but so much easier. I love when I open my blog and see x amount of comments, and a little bummed when there aren't any. (Maybe I am just a little too addicted!)

So when do you leave a comment? Every time you visit someones blog? You know, common courtesy saying you've been there. Even if it's just a "hi", I read your post. Easy right. . . when it's someone you are friends with. What about someone you know, but you don't know if they know you, or they don't like you? I don't want to feel like an idiot commenting and the person thinking "What? Who is this?" or "Why would are they looking at my blog?" For me personally, I would love if EVERYONE who reads my blog commented. Brightens my day! (By the way Chelsea, thanks for stepping up to the plate and going first!)

So what do you guys think? Should I not be reading other people's blogs? Do I comment every time? Do I read, and then slip away like I was never there? SERIOUSLY maybe I just think too much!!

Like I said early I like to think of this as my little cyberspace journal, and an e-mail to all of my friends out there. Since I have been reading, how much people love fall. . . this goes out to all of my blogging buddies (known and unknown!) :



Just got a phone call from Isaac's dentist office. Our insurance won't cover the hospital bills or anesthesia. . .$1,500. Little stunned right now. I don't know what's going to happen next. Do we just fork out the money, look for someone else, try to convince insurance they should cover it? Sure puts a damper on my day though.


Graceful Leap

I had been waiting to hear back from the Dr.'s office today, and my phone began to ring I raced to go get it. I jumped over Isaac's skateboard lying in the hallway, and on the other side of the board, my foot landed on the prongs of a plug. I was in such a hurry, that I didn't notice the pain at first. I knew it hurt, but after that phone call, WOW, I was sure feeling it!

I have a nice gash on the bottom of my foot, about an inch in length. It's not one of those cuts that bleeds much, but almost feels that it's tearing open when I walk. Basically it hurts! I will spare everyone the pictures. . .

In some more, delightful news, Ainsley is now crawling on her knees. No more army crawling for this girl, she means business these days. Ainsley's eyes can catch the smallest piece of anything on the floor, and OFF she goes. I don't remember Isaac being such an eater "of things", but I also didn't have a two year old to leave "things" around, or distract mom from picking "things" up. Ainsley likes to keep me on my toes.

I am also very proud of Isaac today. Those of you have picky eaters will understand my joy. Those of you who don't, this will all sound very trivial. For lunch today, Isaac ate THREE chicken nuggets, TWO crinkle fries, and (my favorite) an entire strawberry. It has been a VERY LONG time since he would eat a strawberry. I was thrilled and offered him more, but for now I just get to be happy that he ate ONE!!!

I am also thrilled that my desk arrived today! It has taken the moving company three months to fix what they broke, but it here now and I finally get to set up my scrapbook "shop". I have been trying to do a few different projects and it's been quite the challenge with my supplies in boxes. . . unorganized. Hopefully in the next day or two I will be organized, and can start fulfilling my scrapping urge. Sounds funny, but I am so behind on Ainsley's scrapbook, and more than ready to catch up. Not to mention I am taking a photography class online (which I love, and will post later about it), so in the near future hope to have some amazing pictures to scrap!