(almost) Wordless Wednesday

After dentist appointments today, we went to the Dinosaur Exhibit here in town. Isaac was so excited to go, but wasn't too sure once we got there. The dinosaurs move their heads and make loud noises. They intrigued Isaac, but he was also scared to get too close. He was by my side the entire time with his hand covering he mouth. Ainsley was terrified and clung to Mike the entire hour we were there. By the time we got home Isaac was talking nonstop about the dinosaurs and how cool and SCARY they were.

(First is the dinosaur, Second is the reaction to that dinosaur).


We're So Glad When Daddy Comes Home

Yesterday was one of those days where ALL of us were basically sitting by the door waiting for Mike to come home. Between Ainsley and Isaac I had cleaned up one shattered jar of jelly, one shattered candle holder, one splatter can of yogurt, smashed crackers, smooshed bananas, all of the books that had been thrown off of the bookshelf, and many toys!

After all of the other spills I had cleaned yesterday, Mike and I walk into the kitchen only to find the contents of a Gatorade bottle all over the kitchen floor. Michael knew the drill, he grabbed the kids and carried them off to go play. A few minutes later they come out of Isaac's room with jackets on and head for the garage.

I may be waiting by the door for Mike to get home to do a hand off, but the children wait by the door because they are so excited to get play time with Daddy. We are lucky to have such a great husband and daddy in our lives!


Praise to the Man

My family and I had the opportunity to spend some time with President Hinckley (when I was a teenager), when he set apart my Grandpa as a Mission President. Being around him you couldn't help but smile. One thing I will never forget from that experience was looking into his clear blue eyes and feeling nothing but love. I was almost scared as I felt he could see through me into my soul, and yet there was no anger or disapproval, just pure and simple love. Something that meant a great deal to a rebellious teenager. He is an amazing man, and he will be missed.


Let's Be Friends

I am happy to report that all of us are up and running again. The snot is gone and the coughing comes in short spurts early morning, making me one happy Momma!

I am also happy to report that my children are FRIENDS! They play together, they laugh together, and they get into trouble together. I am loving it. Ainsley for the longest time wanted to be around Isaac and he would just push her over when she got in the way. . . which is why I believe she has been walking since she was nine months old! (By the way I will post a video of that later on, for now use your imagination with the pictures below).

Ainsley also is quite the copy cat, and Isaac loves it. She will talk, just to repeat Isaac. She says : no, yes, bye, hi, dog, tada (magic tricks). . . here's the catch Isaac has to say the words first. NO ONE can get her to talk except Isaac. Not only does she mimic his speech but his actions. If he's riding a bike, she's trying etc.

The other day the kids were rolling around on the floor laughing SO HARD, both of them. It made me laugh so hard I cried! It has been so much fun watching their relationship grow. I love my children and hope they always remain the best of friends.

Here's the pictures that prove my children play together. . . (YES ALL OF THE PICTURES ARE BLURRY. . . sorry!)

These pictures crack me up. The first one is Isaac's face Christmas morning, the next two Ainsley. SO FUNNY! The last one is Ainsley riding her new "bike". She thinks she is pretty hot stuff, when she's on it!


10. . .9. . . 8. . .

2008, start of a new year and we are starting it off with the story of my life. Us being sick. Just the same cold/virus I am sure most have had by now. Luckily we only felt miserable for a few days, and our cough is worse than our bite!

We had a great Christmas this year. Our first year with no family around. We had fun though. Isaac understands what is going on and talked about Santa coming the entire month of December. Little sad that I have lost Santa as a bribe for good behavior. Sorry. . . it's true I use bribes when I feel I can.

There is much to write, but brain is not catching up with my fingers. Hard as I try it's not happening! So this post will be only a short recap of our holidays, but there will be more to come when I get the pictures off of my camera. We all know that stories are funner with pictures anyway! If you don't believe me ask my Sunday school class! Actually after typing that my train of thought has led me away from my original thoughts (you had fair warning that my brain is a bit mushy today!), so holidays later, sidetracked tangent now!

I teach the 16-18 year olds in Sunday school. I love my class, but I will have to say this is one of my HARDEST callings. I cannot get them to stop talking, I kid you not, unless I am reading a book with PICTURES! Even nursery was easier than this.

This year we start the Book of Mormon in my class (same as gospel doctrine). I am so excited for this year, for the things I will learn. I honestly dread teaching my class though. I want to hear EVERYONE'S ideas. Many of you I know have taught these ages in church and if not you were that age at one time. There is one catch though, no food in our building. So how do you bribe a bunch of 17 year old boys? Yeah I am at a loss.

I truly love all of the kids in my class. They make me laugh so hard, and also make me want to pull out all of my hair. Okay I will stop there because I could go into much more detail, and too many of you have all ready heard my complaints, but please bring on the advice.

I should be cleaning my house right now while my two sweet, sick kids are asleep, but I am so tired I think I want to curl up on the couch and read. Which reminds me for you Twilight fans out there. Santa brought me all three books for Christmas and I had them read by the end of the next day. Good reading, but I still don't know how I feel about the story yet. Little disappointed that it's dragging on and there isn't any closure. I want both Edward and Jacob to win the girl. Different reasons for liking both guys. But don't want to ruin the story for Sarah (yes you should read them).

I know I have been MIA for awhile. Part to Mike having over a week off of work, part because I didn't feel like blogging. Shocking, I know. But getting this post out has brought back the tiniest desire to reclaim my spot in the cyberworld!