Oh. . . the day of love.

I know, I know valentines day was so 3 days ago.
I always plan a sibling photoshoot.
I forgot.
Well not completely.
We made it outside 30 minutes left in the daylight.
On Monday.
Just clothes from the closet.
No buying fancy props.
This is what I got.

These pictures reek of love.
Don't ya think???

Okay they smell a little more like monkeys.
And of unhappy baby.
That's life.

Here's to better planning.
And trying again.
Next year.



We've got more bows!!
Cute girls. Cute bows. Win-win.

I have such beautiful girls, if I do say so myself! Her eyes are killer here people.

And this cutie. Such a serious little girl. Especially when the camera comes out. I really try to get smiles. We had everyone trying today. No go. They grow out of that right?

{I dropped my camera in the ice storm. Lovely. I think I broke it. Sad day. It has been acting funny. Focusing sometimes. Weird colors. Sometimes. yippee. nope. Not yippee. }

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Ice Ice Baby.

We saw winter last week. First came the ice. Then came the snow. For the most part, the city shut down. We stayed inside. Ate lots of muffins. Drank lots of hot cocoa. Mike took vacation days. Four of them. We loved having him home. We went sledding. Slipping. And rolling in the snow. Caught snowflakes on our tongue. Watched movies. Played games. Took warm baths.

Like typical Texas, the snow was gone in a few days. The weather is now beautiful. Forecasters are saying it's supposed to snow again tonight and tomorrow. Most are grumbling and complaining. I don't understand. It is winter still. I am pretty sure winter means cold weather. My family is excited. More snow play. What's not to love?

I get that it's not fun to drive in. We had to take vacation time on days we could only be outside for minutes at a time. It might damper our summer vacation. But we spent that time together. Playing and laughing. I guess I see no point in complaining. Doesn't do any good. Doesn't change the weather. I say get out and enjoy the day.

I will stop now. I know you would rather see the week in pictures anyway. Not read my ramblings. Right? Of course I am right. It's a bad habit of mine. Being right. I tease. I was wrong one time. {okay lots of times. we won't talk about that. hurts the pride. something I really am working on. the pride thing. trying to be more humble. life isn't a competition. I am competitive. a constant attitude of gratitude is what I strive to have. like I said, I am working on it.}

Back to the ice. It iced. Lots of ice. Thick ice. It covered all roads. driveways. sidewalks.

So we went sledding down the driveway.

Gwen even got to go sledding for a few minutes. She didn't smile. Didn't cry. Just sat there. She's of the serious sort.

If you didn't take your time walking. You fell. I apparently am not as graceful as I once thought. Really let's be honest I was never that graceful. Ballet lessons did nothing for me.

I fell a lot last week. More than a lot. Ainsley was sure to take her time after watching me bite the dust ice more than once.

Isaac preferred to skate.

And break dance. Serious. He busted out some moves on the ice. Break it down. Break it down. The ice was perfect for butt spins. I have no idea what the correct"dance" term is here. Remember, dance wasn't my forte.

After two days of ice, it snowed. It was gorgeous. Big huge fluffy flakes. A macro lens would have been handy dandy. I still like this shot though. Aren't the snowflakes pretty?

And at night. The snow sparkled like diamonds. Once upon a time I was more of a pearl girl. I might have changed my mind. The snow bling was gorgeous. I couldn't capture it on film. But I wish I could have.

This view is from lying on the carpet by the back door. Quite the "dusting". Did I mention the forecasters were saying before I went to bed it would be a dusting. So if they are calling for six inches tomorrow will we get a foot? Or nothing?

Isaac has an obsession with eating the snow. Too bad there aren't tons of vitamins and calories packed away in snow. My picky eater could sure use it.
We also went sledding. We have a really good sledding hill in our neighborhood. And by we, I mean Mike and the kids. I stayed in the warm car with Gwen. For some reason she wasn't a fan of staying out in the cold long. For the record I liked staying in the warm car too. Yet another reason we were glad Mike was home.

I might be the only one in the state, but I have my fingers crossed for more snow tomorrow.