Happy Spring

I think this is what any irresponsible parent would do on the first day of spring, 10:30 at night. . .

Let the girl run out in short sleeves and barefoot to get a taste of the snow.

Of course the boy wants to go out too, but he says no way to going without shoes. I guess crocs are a little better than barefoot. . .

4am bathroom run (yeah it happens when you are nine months pregnant. . . a lot). Still snowing. Looks like it's more than the called for inch, don't you think?!

Two weeks of no jackets. Gorgeous weather. Opened windows. Flowers on all of the trees. Winter clothes packed away and up in the attic. . . oops. Seriously I thought winter was gone. Guess I forgot we live in Texas!





More Looking Back.

Couple weeks. . . mmmm love me some chubby baby!

6 months. Rolls keep growing. One content, happy guy.

1. Look whose walking now. Takes a lot to upset this little guy.

1.5. Always on the go. Still wanting to eat those cheeks up!

2. Such a joy to be around. So serious. So content.

2.5. Living in Texas. Most chill, relax kid I know.

3. Not much of a daredevil. But will try new things with LOTS of encouragement.

3.5 Started preschool at home. So excited to learn. Such a bright little guy.

4. Daddy is finally his best friend (was a complete mama's boy before). Ainsley a close second.

4.5 Such a nut. I have no idea where he comes up with some of his ideas and expressions.

This is the boy who first made me a mom. He will always hold a special place in my heart.


Looking Back.

2 weeks old. Always awake. Always alert.

4 Months old. Sitting up. Living in Texas.

8 months old. Walking. Keeping us on our toes.

1. Always a mess. Always mischievous. Always a bump, bruise or cut somewhere.

1 1/2. Always trying to keep up with brother. A tomboy and girlie girl all in one.
2. Cute as can be. Sassy as ever. Still always messy. Always the daredevil.

2 1/2. My little helper. Little Miss Sassy pants.

Oh how I love her. Always and forever my baby girl.