Halloween Style

Today we worked on the letter E. Isaac's best written letter to date. Today's crafts have nothing to do with the letter though. Instead we worked on some Halloween Decor.

Hard at work.
Here is "Lincoln-stein" according to Isaac.

Ainsley got in on the action today too. Love the undies. . . for some reason her my little pony or princess panties don't cut it for her. She is all about wearing brothers instead.

Found this house and tree at Hobby Lobby, and then Isaac and Ainsley added some fun stickers.
I never posted last Friday's projects, so here they are. The letter was D. So we made a Dinosaur Mural. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture before Ainsley, started ripping the dinosaurs off.

Our color was blue. I drew ocean scenes on coffee filters, and Isaac painted them blue to find the fish.

To answer some questions. . . Most of the "projects" we do around here, come from my memories of elementary school. But sometimes I find ideas online, and then alter them so that they fit my needs. The beauty of the internet. So many wonderful ideas out there!


For Every Season

New season. . . time for new look.



man I hate being in front of the camera. . . I prefer being behind it!


One Will Never Do

Our nightly routine now includes taking the dogs on a walk. Nope, they aren't our dogs, but we sure love having them around! I am thinking that when we get our own puppy, one might not do. . .

Yes, Isaac walks Mayzie, the smaller of the two, and Ainsley walks Maverick, the big boy. Quite funny watching Ains walk Mav. She yanks, and yells out commands, while Mr. Mav moseys down the street, without a care in the world. Completely deaf to A.'s screaming.

Then little Miss Ains, stops to take a break, to pick the flowers. Every flower (weed) she sees, doesn't stand a chance.

And here is the Ice Man, big into wearing his clothes BACKWARDS. His shirt, shorts, and even his underwear are all on backwards. Gotta love the boy and his independence!

We are having fun with Mav and Missy around, but they sure miss Carter and Cash!


Forgot My Camera

Yesterday my kids tried out a gymnastics class. Isaac was in a three year old class and Ainsley was in a mommy and me class. Can you believe I FORGOT my camera. The kids had a blast. Isaac loved every minute of it. After class he said "Mom, I like gymnastics better than Tennis. Brayden can't hit me with his tennis racket in Gymnastics." Ainsley was a little shy at first. . . okay A LOT of shy, but warmed up by the end of class. She jumped, rolled, flipped, balanced, and swung. So I think Tennis is out, and Gymnastics is in.

Here is last Friday's school project. Finishing up with the letter C.

Notice the shape of the mouth. . . I always try to have a hidden letter in our projects.

Our Poem last week was Three Little Kittens. We played Hot/Cold to find the mittens hidden around the room. I wish I caught how much fun Isaac had playing the game.

This week we are working on the letter D.

My "hidden D" is the shape of the ducks body.

We do LOTS and LOTS of this during "school time"

In other news, Mike gave me my b-day present Sunday. He got me a new lens for my camera. Now I just need to get a good photo editing program, and learn how to use it!

This is what I get every time I try to get a picture of Isaac. . . such a goofball.

Here is a picture of my little girl with her permanent frown. Isn't she a cutie?!

If I ask for a pretty smile, this is what I get. How do you describe what she is doing with her eyes? I sure can't explain it!

Life is good!


She's a Wild One, With an Angel's Face

EVERY time she goes to bed, this is how she wakes up. Those bed fairies sure do quite the number on her hair.
Oh how I love this face!

The letter this week is C.

Finished Caterpillar

His Cat

Her rendition


Love All, Ball One

Isaac started Tennis Lessons today. There is one other boy in his class, they got along really well, and Isaac adored Coach Tracy. I had just as much fun watching him, as he did playing. It is a basic tennis class, where they run sprints, practice with balloons, and hitting huge tennis balls over a miniature net. He was stoked that he got to bring home a ball to practice with during the week. Even more excited about the tennis ball tattoo he got after class was over!

Ainsley wasn't so excited about tennis lessons. See the tear drop. . . that's what she spent most of the class doing. We weren't allowed to go onto the court, we had to watch from a window (it's indoor), and she was not a happy sister!


Jungle Mania

This week the theme is Jungle and the new vocabulary word is Vine.

Working on scissor coordination.

Forget it. . . tearing is faster!

Rolling the mane.

Practicing with glue.

Finished NICE lion! No mean lions allowed in our house!

Paper Chain turned NICE snake.

Still need work on using the right amount of glue!

Blowing paint through a straw to make a tree.

Painting on the leaves.

Adding painted green string for the VINES. According to Isaac, the only thing vines are good for is to help monkeys swing around.


Catching Up and Moving On

Friday's lesson on Monday.

Number one. Using the magnifying glass to find ONE.

Book of the Letter A. Look how nice is A's are coming along! Can you guess his favorite color? RED. Everything has to be RED these days.

Yesterday we started the Letter B.

Making a Bee. . . with red stripes.

Beautiful Butterfly.