Forgot My Camera

Yesterday my kids tried out a gymnastics class. Isaac was in a three year old class and Ainsley was in a mommy and me class. Can you believe I FORGOT my camera. The kids had a blast. Isaac loved every minute of it. After class he said "Mom, I like gymnastics better than Tennis. Brayden can't hit me with his tennis racket in Gymnastics." Ainsley was a little shy at first. . . okay A LOT of shy, but warmed up by the end of class. She jumped, rolled, flipped, balanced, and swung. So I think Tennis is out, and Gymnastics is in.

Here is last Friday's school project. Finishing up with the letter C.

Notice the shape of the mouth. . . I always try to have a hidden letter in our projects.

Our Poem last week was Three Little Kittens. We played Hot/Cold to find the mittens hidden around the room. I wish I caught how much fun Isaac had playing the game.

This week we are working on the letter D.

My "hidden D" is the shape of the ducks body.

We do LOTS and LOTS of this during "school time"

In other news, Mike gave me my b-day present Sunday. He got me a new lens for my camera. Now I just need to get a good photo editing program, and learn how to use it!

This is what I get every time I try to get a picture of Isaac. . . such a goofball.

Here is a picture of my little girl with her permanent frown. Isn't she a cutie?!

If I ask for a pretty smile, this is what I get. How do you describe what she is doing with her eyes? I sure can't explain it!

Life is good!


Haley said...

i want my kids to go to the mortensen family preschool. you rock

Bethanne said...

Where did you go for gymnastics? I'm always looking around but never settled on anything...

Lara said...

So which lens did you get?

Bethanne said...

Brooke, do you mind if I use some of your school-time ideas on my other blog? I won't use names or pictures of your kids, but I LOVE the ideas...PLEASE?

We haven't tried any of the gymnastics places, just researched them a little bit. I hope to get Leah into dance or gymnastics soon though. I never got to do those things, but I think she would love them.

Collins and Ashley said...

Gymnastics sounds like so much fun! Where did you go?

Lacey said...

Elodie is all about tumbling right now. Since we put her in dance this semester, I might try a tumbling class next. She is also in love with soccer and can't wait to start that up in the Spring! It's so much fun to watch them grow and figure out what it is they like to do!
Ainsley is such a cutie!

Adri said...

I love the last pictures of A...so cute!

Hey, for reals now, this whole school thing is getting out of hand. It is really making the rest of us look bad. STOP BEING SO BRILLIANT!

....just kidding...keep up the good work Martha!