Catching Up and Moving On

Friday's lesson on Monday.

Number one. Using the magnifying glass to find ONE.

Book of the Letter A. Look how nice is A's are coming along! Can you guess his favorite color? RED. Everything has to be RED these days.

Yesterday we started the Letter B.

Making a Bee. . . with red stripes.

Beautiful Butterfly.


Sara said...

SO CUTE!! Can you move by me so we can do this together? Better yet I am moving to you!!

Reisner's said...

you are such a creative and good mom for taking time to do all those cute projects. I think I will do that with mine next year. thanks for the idea

Matt-Whitney said...

Girl you have some really cute ideas!! Keep working with him and he will be one smart little boy when he goes to Kindergarden.

benandchayfuller said...

That's awesome that you are doing preschool at home. I like all your ideas!

FickleZeal Photography said...

Love the bee! ;-)