Little Bit Mine

There is a reason I like being behind the camera and not in front. I am one of the most un-photogenic people I know. Seriously.

My kids aren't what I would call "un-photogenic". . . but in one photo-shoot, I will get 100 of these:

Before I get 1 of these:
(by the way I love the goofy ones just as much. . . actually even a little more!)

side note: the editing is not normally my style, but I thought it was fun to try.


Point Goes to Mother Nature

Last night was supposed to be their engagement photo-shoot. . . but then a storm rolled in.

They wanted to try to beat the storm and get in a few shots.

A few is all we got.

We will try again this weekend.

I checked the forecast, and the weather looks a little sketchy.

Hopefully mother nature gives us a small break.

Only a small one though, because I LOVE the RAIN!