Got Candy?

Picture overload. Yesterday was our Church (ward) Trunk or Treat. . .Tonight instead of asking for candy the kids wore their costumes to pass out candy. They had even more fun being the givers rather than getters. Thank you BOTH grandma's for the costumes! These pictures are for you.
Patiently waiting for the trick-or-treaters.
Happy Halloween friends! Love, Buzz and Bo Peep


Not So Subtle

Last night we carved our pumpkins. Mike's as ALWAYS is AMAZING. I am proud of mine this year though. It's not amazing but it's the first time I have attempted anything other than the typical jack-o-lantern face. So here are our pumpkins (yes mine is the simple not so detailed pumpkin), and a not so subtle hint of what are kiddo's are dressing up for halloween! I know the pictures are horrible. . . but it was late, and I was willing to try to get good ones!

I know most of you probably have this recipe. . . but we make it quite often this time of the year. The world's EASIEST cookies, and YUMMY TOO! (sorry no pictures, we have them eaten before I can even get out the camera).

Ingredients (there are only THREE)

1 - 15 oz can of pumpkin
1 - box of spice cake mix
1 - cup of mini chocolate chips

Mix together. Spoon onto greased cookie sheet. Bake for 15 min at 350.

THAT'S IT! Perfection in a matter of minutes! enjoy.


Hot Cup of Cocoa

Yesterday we had a nice cold front come through. As soon as I got the chance, I dressed the kids in long sleeves, and jackets, and we went on a walk. I love the cool crisp weather, you can smell fall in the air!
A. wasn't going to be happy unless I took a picture of her new shoes . . . so here they are. Her "peek" shoes.
I.'s shoe of choice are crocs, and his outfit wouldn't be complete with out some RED. Put those together and you get some stylin' red kicks!
Doing what she does best. Looking adorable from EVERY ANGLE!


Something Old, Something New

Whitney tagged me with a wedding tag. I am not a big "tag" person, but I love this one. I love looking at beautiful brides! I don't know about you, but I really felt like the most beautiful woman alive, on my wedding day!
Mike and I were married on Feb 6, 2004, in the Mesa, AZ temple.
Something most people don't know about our wedding day. . . I was so sick. I think it was about two days before the wedding when my body started aching, and I had a high fever, chills, sore throat. Mono was going around in the elementary school where I worked at the time, and you guessed it, I caught it! I remember the night before my wedding, wanting so bad to help set up for the reception, but feeling so feverish and beyond tired. My throat felt like it was swelling shut. So I slept instead.

Our wedding day, I was tired, but adrenaline kicked in and I felt pretty good. By the end of our reception, I felt just as bad as I had the previous night. Oh it was bad. Then it got worse. Mike got it, and bad enough to be put in the hospital. His Mono turned into Mono Hepatitis. . . meaning it went into his kidney's. I know most of you have seen this picture, but here is a few days after he came home from the hospital (he was in a week). Talk about jaundice!
And there you have the first month of our lives together.
So now I am supposed to tag people. Since I want EVERYONE to do this I am tagging everyone! POST A PICTURE of your wedding day with you AND your husband. Tell anything you want about that day!

Here are a few names to make sure at least someone does it !

Sarah R. and T.
Janette (you know it's only fair I hear SOME of your story!!)


Catching Up

I feel like the past week was such a busy week. . . but as I am catching up with blogging, I don't know which part was busy. . .

1. Recovery with my Dental "work".

Honestly I did GREAT. I don't mind bragging! The Dr. was amazed at how well I did too. I didn't have to take any pain killers, besides a few ibprofen before bed each night. I had no swelling, or bruising. The only hard part was how sore my jaw was. I guess really it was to be expected, after having my mouth open (and yanked on) for a total 5 and a half hours. Makes my jaw sore to think about it. So glad it's over.

2. Craft Night.

Thanks girls, for coming over and having a craft night. It was fun to get to know all of you! Here are the websites, I use. . . since I didn't write them down for everyone.

for ribbon: ribbonandbowsohmy.com
stretchy lace: laceheaven.com

I know I said I would do some tutorials, but I found some GREAT ones online. Saves me some work. Then if you have any questions I am more than willing to answer them! (and make them for you Marci!)

For bows this lady has an awesome website. She does her bows a little different than I do, but they are really cute. PLUS she uses the same websites to purchase her ribbon as I do, so she MUST be GREAT! Scroll down to her very first post for basic bow instructions.

For tutus this lady
, drew some pictures on how to fasten the tulle to ribbon. Or you can use elastic. . . but from her you will get the basic concept. SUPER EASY and SUPER CUTE!

I haven't made these, just found this site for tutu wands. They look cute and easy!

The fairy wings are really quite easy too. This website explains the steps, and has a video. You can find HUNDREDS of pictures online of different styles of wings. So watch the video for the basic idea, and shape them how you want. That easy.

Have fun crafting!!

3. Baby shower cake.

It wasn't my best work. I will say it was cuter in person. . . But I will post a picture, just so I can think I was a little busy last week!

4. Playing with the Rugrats.

Oh how they bring a smile to my face!

Now I am off to catch up reading about your week!



Party with the Pace's

I got to take some pictures of one CUTE family this weekend. Although they didn't turn out just like I wanted, it was good practice, and I had so much fun! Thanks for being my guinea pigs!

Not only did I have a blast this weekend, but Isaac LOVED having his best buddy around.

We love you Pace family!