When Mommy is Away


Lara said...


Looks like they had lots of fun anyway! :)

Brooke said...

Nice huh?! At least they had fun, and got some "school" done while I was gone!

Thanks for taking some pictures and posting them Mike. The kids sure love their daddy!!

Chelsea said...

Michael way to be a good daddy! (And to take pictures of it too!) Excpet you are making my heart race knowing those blue hands are near playing on the carpet!!

Harris Family said...

I think it is a dad thing...

Matt, Whitney and Grant said...

awwww super cute! what a fun dad!

Bethanne said...

Your kiddos have to have the best imagination and are some of the most creative kids I've known in ages. Isaac is going to be a hoot in Sunbeams I can tell!

Michael said...

It's Crayola washable paint. It comes out!

sarah said...

What in the world did they get into? I hope it comes off :)

Allison said...

A. That looks like a lot of fun.
B. I'm glad I didn't have to clean it up.
C. Your kids are cute!
D. My sister got pregnant with twins naturally... kind of odd because they are the first on both sides to have twins.
E. I'm very excited for this workday to be over.
F. I think you should call me next time you visit.
G. Good job on those pictures of the Pace family! They turned out really well!
H. I'm almost halfway through the alphabet.
I. Utah was a blast!
J. I remember Ben and his webbed feet. Sick!
K. I'm still disgusted by feet.
L. I have grey hairs... yep- plural. I think it's up to 6 now. :(
M. This is the 13th letter of the alphabet.
N. I just had to count the alphabet on my fingers.
O. I'm going to San Antonio on 11/7. Where do you live?
P. I have now been working on this for 5 minutes and it's gone by really fast.
Q. I miss your mom and her good food that she cooks!
R. I will one day be as good of a cook as her- if, and only if I get married. :)
S. I am excited for Lindsey to have her baby!
T. What ever happened to Ben?
U. Umbrella starts with U.
V. I can't wait to go home from work tonight.
W. I have to work tomorrow... not too happy about that.
X. I wish it was snowing!
Y. Someday I think we should play again!
Z. The end.

Lacey said...

Where have you been Brooke? I can't say the blue paint surprises me with your kids! They always seem to find paint at your house! I don't think in Elodie's 4 short years, she has EVER played in paint...except at school...I'm sure a mean mom I know!

Hope all is back to normal now that your around!

Deanna Semendoff said...

Hope you are recovered from your tooth episode...I have a terrible time with my teeth and I know the feeling of it's always something. Anyway the kids look like their loving the paint thing so good for them as long as daddy cleans up too. I've decided not only am I a bad photographer but Keaton is not a willing participant...went to the zoo today...no good pictures! You have your little ones trained well or you're just amazing at capturing moments.