Peace. Love. Joy.

Have a Jolly Christmas Friends.


In the Making.

My son is always picking up my camera.
He puts a lot of thought into his work.
Most of the time it's good stuff.
Just really random stuff.
To me.

He took pictures of our tree the other night.
I tried to teach him how to do lights.
I am NOT allowed to show.
Only tell him how to do it.
Independence and all.

Kids and technology, Crazy stuff.
They pick it up and are pros.
On the first try.
His first lessons about bokeh.
I think he passed.

Sitting on the Desk.

I have this little helper.
She likes to help me on the computer.
Sometimes she distracts me. . .

Blowing raspberries.

Making the worlds biggest spit bubbles.

And being just too darn cute.

So if you see any problems with my spelling or grammar. . .
On my blog
or in an e-mail.

Think of it as your own personal hello.
From the raspberry blowin'
spit bubble makin'


Yet Another Favorite.

And this is a typical photo shoot with Isaac.

Oh my first born.
He keeps me young and laughing.

I am pretty sure the "face pulling" is genetic.
I have the pictures to prove it.
Of Michael and Uncle Brian.
But we will save that.
For another day.


Another Favorite.

This is a typical photo shoot with Ainsley.

Maybe a couple looking.

Then comes the monkey.

And then she's done.

All within two minutes.

I'll take what I can get.


One of My Favorite.

I love all of my children.

Gwen just happens to be the only one who cooperates for pictures.
Good thing too, because I love photographing her.

And you know ya'll like looking.
So we are all winners here :)


The Time it Rained.

My favorite 3 year old
An adorable dress
Her favorite bunny
Perfect silhouette opportunity

Brother got in on the action
for 5 seconds
Then it rained.

Not just rain. . .
It's a shame I couldn't run
hold the baby
and the camera
in flip flops
while it was pouring.
That would have been awesome.

This is all I got.
Once we were safe in the car!

Then we drove to the "duck" pond.
where 2 kids + daddy ran in the rain downpour.
Gwen and I opted to watch.
In the dry, warm car.

The end.