Sitting on the Desk.

I have this little helper.
She likes to help me on the computer.
Sometimes she distracts me. . .

Blowing raspberries.

Making the worlds biggest spit bubbles.

And being just too darn cute.

So if you see any problems with my spelling or grammar. . .
On my blog
or in an e-mail.

Think of it as your own personal hello.
From the raspberry blowin'
spit bubble makin'


sarah said...

Love the tongue out, the spit bubble is hilarious!!!!

Lacey said...

So funny! You are on a roll with your blog post! I'm impressed! ;)

Craig's Writings said...

Haha! NO Excuses Brooke! What would Mrs. Flanagan say? (or whoever our English teacher was?)

Michael said...

Go Gwen!

LaFish said...

What a cutie! I love the spit bubbles.