In the Making.

My son is always picking up my camera.
He puts a lot of thought into his work.
Most of the time it's good stuff.
Just really random stuff.
To me.

He took pictures of our tree the other night.
I tried to teach him how to do lights.
I am NOT allowed to show.
Only tell him how to do it.
Independence and all.

Kids and technology, Crazy stuff.
They pick it up and are pros.
On the first try.
His first lessons about bokeh.
I think he passed.


Michael said...

Good pictures Isaac!

Lara said...

Ooh..yeah! He did good!

And thanks for the reminder that I've been meaning to get some bokeh shots of my tree. :)

Lara said...

I used my 50mm for those snowflake pictures. I had to crop them down to get it to look close enough. :) That's just what was on my camera when we were outside in the snow, but I don't really have a good lens for macro anyway.