Flares Continued

It's been awhile since I have picked up my camera. 19 weeks to be exact.

I still can't do too much or I get beyond exhausted, which makes the nausea all that much worse.

Over at I Faces, you can find weekly {photo} challenges. This week was sun flares.

I have never tried to get flares in my pictures before. Let's just say that manual mode was testing my patience yesterday!

It's hard for me to not smile when I see her grump face. . . but I don't her knowing how cute I think it is. Some days it can get a little tiring.

By the way. She would be FURIOUS if she found out I was calling her a LITTLE princess. She would tell me "I'M YOUR BIG GUR-L" (that's girl with 2 syllables. and said with a very demanding voice. and a very exaggerated pause between each word.)

Don't tell her, but in my mind, she's going to be my little princess for quite some time.


Basically They're Crazy

Or maybe they just make me crazy. . .

Here's their latest thing.

Climb up my dresser (they are part monkey).

Jump off the dresser. (maybe part spider monkey).

Land on the bed.

No joke.

Then the boy does this thing where he lands on his feet, does a flip and lands on the other side of the bed.

Scares me.

Is it bad that it's entertaining as well. . . probably until they get hurt. . .

Mike caught it on film, and by film I mean digital camera!

Crazy kids.

And this my friends is what happens when mom is not feeling so hot, and the kids are allowed to run amuck. Time to find a new activity for the Monkeys.

Couple sidenotes:

** yes, Isaac dresses himself and decided to wear his swim trunk and shirt on a cold very cold fall day!).

** yes, Ainsley is not dressed. I can barely get myself dressed let alone her. She's cool with it though!

** yes, I was potty training her and she was just about good. . . then I got sick. . . and I gave up a little. When I am not spending my entire day hanging over the toilet we will start again finish up.