Some random pictures I have taken the past couple months.




6 days new.


Birth Day.

I had been sleeping with my phone right by my head for days.  Naturally on the night I would get a message her water broke, I was not sleeping with my phone.  
Mom was pretty sure she would go late.  So of course baby was coming on the day we would be doing maternity shots. 
I am almost ninety nine percent sure that Tiffany was the most calm, completely at ease woman, in labor.  Ever.  She trusted her body.  She knew what she needed to do, and she did it.  During the intense contractions she would close her eyes.  Between contractions she would smile and talk. I can't even find the words to describe how beautiful and amazing she was. Absolutely awe-inspiring.

Then all of the sudden, Charlie was here.  The boy wasn't waiting for anyone.  Including the doctor.

It truly was love at first site for all of the family in the room.  That Charlie, he even stole a little piece of my heart.
Sincerest congratulations to the entire family.  Thank you for letting me share in the journey.   It was an honor being there.  Welcome to the world little Charlie!