Last year, I started Isaac in "school" at home. We are getting ready to start again (next week) and the kids have been DYING to use the "school" supplies. So while dinner was cooking they got to give the paint and playdough a test run.

Painting. . . it's tasty and fun!

Isaac was hard at work using the scissors to cut the playdough. Look at that concentration!


The Boy

I liked Shahna's idea (thank you) of hanging up the pictures of Ainsley in the guest bedroom. Since I didn't get one of Isaac, I had him help me yesterday. He is such a goober. Once the camera comes out he starts to act like a nut. This was the best shot I could get. Silly kid. He sure is fun to have around.


Painted With Love

Painting the Guest Bedroom (this was supervised). Now when you come and stay with us, you know your room was painted with love!

Isaac had already gone to clean up when I took pictures, but here is his paint brush. He is really into Handy Manny right now, so was all about painting the "right" way.

I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU (somewhat sarcastic) to Handy Manny. Mr. Isaac decided his bedroom wall needed some work done. All he needed was a screw and a toy hammer. He has also taken off door knobs from doors, and hammered one nail into the wall. I have a hard time getting mad, because he is so proud of his handy work. My hope is his hobby (when he is older) is to be my own personal handy man!


I'm a Big Boy Now

For the past three years Isaac has had a serious "binki" addiction. For the past year the rule in our house has been, only at bedtime. The time had come to say good bye. Isaac and I had many talks about how he was a big boy, his binki wasn't good for his teeth, etc. Lots of tears during these talks. He was losing a best friend, and I wanted to cry too, but seriously HE IS THREE, it was time!

Friday night we went to build-a-bear. Isaac picked out a toy, and kissed his binki one last time, and into the toy it went. Probably sounds silly to most of you, but I was almost in tears, thinking of how grown up Isaac is. Time has gone by so fast.

Isaac was very brave, and there weren't any tears from him until after his bath. It suddenly hit him that he wasn't going to get his "binki" when he got into bed that night. He cried (my feelings are hurt cry) for a good 15 min, and there hasn't been a tear since. I am SO PROUD of him.

Here he is just a few days old. . . the plug was as big as his head!

Six months. . . all ready getting into mischief.

One year. . . his first make-up incident. . . little did I know there would be many to follow!

Two years old, and one cool boy!

Looking back at these pictures, reminds me how fast time really does fly. A good reminder to enjoy each and every moment (the good and the bad!). I love you Isaac!