My little pound puppy is two today.

{sniff sniff}
I still call her my baby.
But she is not a baby anymore.
She is very much a two year old.
In every sense of the word(s).

She loves
dancing. singing. baking.
hanging out with the big kids.
changing her shoes 20 times a day.
popsicles. cucumbers. zucchini.
shopping. talking on the phone.
being outside. bike rides. bubbles.
playing with daddy.  snuggling with mommy.

she adores brother and sister.  they adore her.
she has mommy and daddy wrapped around her little finger.
 I am sure this goes without saying...  but I love my little girl to pieces!

*forgive the hair covering her eyes.  oh how i wish i got this shot with her hair pulled back.  but i didn't.  oh well.  i still love the picture. and i still want to suck those cheeks off.  just like i wanted to, 2 years ago.


Fuller - Easter

These two young ladies are absolutely stunning. 
 It was such a nice change of pace to work with older children. 
When you say look. They look. 
 When you said smile. They smiled. 
There is hope for my own {wink}
 Kind, polite little girls. 
 It was such a pleasure to work with them.


Sofia - Easter

Oh Sofia.  Four going on Fourteen.  We spend out time together bantering.  All in love.  Sofia is one witty, spunky, fun and beautiful little girl. 



Della -Easter

This is my niece.  Such a pretty little lady.  She was talking a mile a minute.  I couldn't understand most of what she was saying.  But she sure had a lot to say.  It was hilarious.  
My kids are obsessed with "Della-Mae" (that would be one word.  Not two.  Say my children).  I think the kiddos are on to something here.  Because I am pretty much obsessed too.  As is everyone that meets her.  Go ahead and take a look.  Ooh and aah.  Then take a look here.  You will ooh and aah some more.  Guaranteed.  Oh how I love me some Della!


D. Children -Easter

I could eat these kids right up.  Not only are they the cutest kids on the block, they are probably the funniest.  I don't know how many two year olds you can ask "that's pretty gross huh? (regarding a chick that pooped on the crate), and they reply "No that's nasty".  I laughed so hard.  Three words to describe my morning.  Fun. Fun. Fun.



My Kids - Easter

Can you tell how thrilled my kids were to take pictures?  Yup, they were super happy about it.  Lucky them, I don't feel like retaking them.  The baby chicks approve that choice.


T. Children-Easter.

Could these three kiddos be any cuter? As soon as we busted out the baby chickens, the two older kids were full of smiles.  And the smiles stayed the ENTIRE session!  
Note to self:  bring live animals whenever you are taking pictures of children. Ha.

Three of my favorite little people out there.  I had a lot of fun with them.  
Let's be honest.  When a child starts smiling and giggling.  It's contagious.
It was the perfect start to my day.