Miss Della.

I have some of the cutest nieces on the planet.  No joke.
Oh Della.  She is too much.
The eyes.
The lashes.
The cheeks.
The lips.
No seriously.  She is too much.

Check out my little miss.
Sneaking into the picture.
No joke. 
She crawled in and was trying to be the star.
Oh Gwenny. 
Why don't you pose for the camera when it's your turn?

Love you Della!
Thanks for coming to visit.
(you too Jenny and Faron {wink})


emily said...

oh my goodness. she is SO scrumptious. and i love that shot with gwen in it. hilarious.

Michelle said...

these are so adorable! i always love how your pictures have this clean, simple, beautiful feel to them.

sarah said...

Love the picture of Della peeking out behind Qwen :)