Love ya Sis

No one makes me laugh harder than my sister Lindsey! She might hate me after posting this, but it made my day. Made me laugh so hard, and I can always use a good laugh. (Jared you are right up there in making me laugh. Love your moves!) Linds I want the full version, not the edited :)


If Life Were Easy It Wouldn't Be Hard

I know I have been MIA for awhile. . . but for good reason. This last week has been one CRAZY week. Yes CRAZY all capitalized!

Started with my sweet boy washing his hands "all by himself". I had been working on the advent calendar below, and had all of my scrapbook supplies out (all still in boxes), and sitting underneath the bar/kitchen counter. It (the bar) separates our kitchen and tv room.

Isaac's hand washing turned into a water fight with the living room (using the kitchen sink sprayer). To make a long story short Isaac won! Most of my paper was ruined, and Mike and I got to soak up a lot of water out of the carpet.

A few days later, it was Ainsley's turn. I had just finished painting over permanent marker (you remember that story) and set the half gallon of paint on the floor. I put the lid back on, but not hammered. Isaac and I then started to paint the kitchen table. Ainsley had been busy playing with toys in the other room. Isaac and I were just about done when I looked down to see Ainsley pick up the paint can and dump it all over her head, and proceeded to spill the entire contents over herself and all over the kitchen floor.

I grabbed her ran her to the bathroom, stuck her in the bathtub so she couldn't escaped and ran back to scoop up as much of the paint as I could. I then ran back to Ainsley who was screaming in the bathroom. Took off her clothes and wiped her down just enough to not get paint anywhere, and went to go clean up the other mess.

As I was rounding the corner I saw Mayzie (one of the dogs I am watching) heading my way. My heart sank. . . "Oh no, I forgot about the dogs!" I walked into the living room to see Maverick (the other dog) doing some kind of mambo with little yellow paw prints trailing behind him.

So now I had two crying children (Isaac was mad at Ainsley for crying and taking me away from our project), Ainsley was still mad about being covered in paint, a yellow kitchen floor, a yellow bathtub, and yellow paw printed carpet! Where to begin. . .

I will say I am thankful that it takes a lot for me to loose my temper, helping me to think a little more clear. I also had fresh on my mind the previous day's Oprah show. It had been about the book "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff", and about living life to the fullest and how you would want to spend your last minutes of your life. Meaning right then I had many choices. I could get angry, I could start cleaning, or I could help my crying children. I chose the later.

As soon as Ainsley wasn't crying and busy eating a cracker, I called Chelsea to look up some ideas to clean the mess online (I couldn't do it all!!!) THANKS CHELS!!! I recruited Isaac to help with the carpet. His job was to pour water on all of the paw prints. . . trying to keep it wet. I then sucked it up with the spot bot. Again spot bot to the rescue! EVERYONE should own one!

I am happy to say we survived. I think we got out all but two tiny spots in the carpet. The bathtub still needs some work, and so does the kitchen. . . but no worries. Give me a few days and everything will be in tip top condition!

(Okay I have pictures, but the computer is acting up so check back later for those :). . . you won't be sorry. The advent calendar turned out super cute. . . even if it is a little warped from water damage. It's no more damage than the little fingers that put up the numbers do)!


Itty Bitty Baby Steps

I know I am a little slow on this post, so I better hurry and get it written! Ainsley took her first steps without holding onto anything this past Tuesday. She has been walking around on furniture, and cruising around the house holding Isaac's bike for awhile now, but my daring girl decided to try walking without any encouragement from me.

I was sitting on the couch and she was standing by the love seat let go, and took her few steps to reach me. A HUGE grin on her face the entire time! I was just as proud as she was, but also a little shocked. Later that night when Mike got home I told him what she had done. I think she knew what we were talking about because she let go of where she was standing and walked to him. It was definitely the steps of leaning forward with your feet trying to keep up with your top half. But it was walking, and she did it!

Ainsley then took a turn walking to each Mike, Isaac and I, while we called her name. When she was done she sat down and refused to get back up. We haven't played the game again, I know she can do it, she knows she can do it, and that's seems to make her happy.

She just turned nine months old yesterday, and I am in no hurry to have her walking around. I can just imagine all of the stunts she will start pulling when she is toddling around! As in physical stunts, being the daring child she is. Also meaning, stunts of destruction. I know she has been concocting plans of improving Isaac's destructive methods around the house!

I have to admit I have been smiling just as big as she was when she took those steps just thinking about it. So much fun watching them grow and learn. Both of my children bring so much joy into my life!