Can you believe I have only picked up my camera twice since we have been home from Arizona. An entire month has just flown by.

We have been busy. You know money, health, rainy weather, diets, exercise etc. Nothing new and exciting, just LIFE, and we ALL know what that is like.

Summer is finally on it's way. My kids are loving their sprinklers, slip n slides, and baby pool. I had to cut it back to once a week. This is why:

I sent the kids out a few days ago to play in the sandbox, while I steam cleaned the carpets. I went out to check on them (it had been about 30 minutes), and I see two little nude children running around the back yard with the slip n slide on full blast. They flood both of our neighbors yards. Nothing massive, just small, itty bitty, ponds in their back yards. There was also two, very small, itty bitty rivers flowing between our house and the neighbors. Oops.

The good news is our yard doesn't flood easily, the water runs off to the neighbors. Bad news, we can't do that everyday or I am afraid we would no longer be considered friends with the neighbors.

That was the same day I really wanted to run and grab my camera. Decided against that idea in the end. Probably not appropriate, no matter how cute those little nakies were running around the yard.

I ran out of gasoline the other day while mowing the lawn. On my way home, I made a detour and stopped by a sonic surprise for the kiddos (mike included). None for me though, I am on a diet you know, oh wait, you don't because I am not posting about that kind of stuff. But it's true. Some day I will write about my "trying to better my body goals", but for now I will end with I have lost 17 lbs in the last month, and am very happy!

Back to enjoying summer treats. . . Here is my photographic proof that we are still alive and happy!

She is big into eating like a puppy right now.

She knows she was caught.

She also knows she is too cute to get into trouble.

He knows if sister is being funny and cute, then he better try too.

And if it's cute for the kids, why not make it a family affair. Yeah, I think I will keep 'em.



Sometimes they make me wonder. . .

No fighting all afternoon.
It is a good day.