New Resolution

I take a lot of pictures. It's a well known fact. The problem is that once the pictures are downloaded onto the computer that is where they stay. Eventually I get around to printing some and putting them in an album, but it can be years later (I finally started printing A's baby pictures this week and she is almost 2).

My resolution. . . print pictures I love and put them where I can see them. As I get new pictures I love, I will change them out, or possibly add new frames. I have never hung up anything but professional pictures on my wall. That is, until today. I am liking my new picture wall!


Never Did Make It

Our yard only got half defrosted today (see post below for full story). So when Mike got home we ventured out again.

see only HALF defrosted!

close-up of the grass.

and another.

our house literally covered in ice.

the little crazies who like playing in the cold

My poor girl that has to wear a coat that is too small. . . Everytime I think about buying her a new coat, the weather tricks me into thinking winter is over in Texas.

Take special notice of her feet. She is just so petite that she walks on top of the grass.

Late Start

We had a massive Ice Storm last night. Of course that means time to bundle up and go ice skating. Our front yard was the perfect ice skating rink. Straight ice. There wasn't a part of the road, sidewalk, or driveway that wasn't covered. I will be honest, I was the last to come inside. What can I say, ice covered roads bring out the kid in me.


Yes We Know

I know it's probably getting boring, me posting how crazy Texas weather is. . .

but it still takes me by surprise.

Friday: Beautiful, sunny, 80 degrees
Today: Cold, rainy, 32 degrees.


It's a Beautiful Day.

I should have been cleaning, but the outdoors were calling my name. So, off to the park we went.

There was lots of running.
Lots of playing.

Little bit of twirling.
Little bit of Digging.

Then someone got a little tired.

And then a little grumpy.

So it was time to come home.

What a beautiful day.

Hope your day was just as fun!


Kisses For Me.

I have been having a really hard day today. He said he knew just the thing to make it better.

You know what. I think it's working!


Everything I love

1 Brown eye
1 Blue eye
1 Messy head of hair
1 Messy messy face


100% adorable



My most intimidating photo shoot. (doesn't this picture crack you up, I know it does me!)

A family with four grown boys. I love this family as my own, and have known them for years. I will say the biggest thing I learned (photography wise) was I need to learn how to take control. I wanted to please everyone and EVERYONE had their opinions, and therefore we never got much accomplished. I sure had fun though, and absolutely love when people volunteer to be my guinea pigs!

I also learned that teenage boys aren't so scary. Good news the boys promised to let me practice any time I want. Poor guys, they don't know what they have coming!



Someone wasn't too happy about moving up from nursery. In all honesty he hated every minute of singing time. Poor guy was scared and was trying hard not to cry. When I aked him about it later he said it was, "boring, and he didn't want to sing." He loved his actual class though. If you look around his lips, you will get a small hint as to why. That's right, they bribed him with an oreo. At least he was enjoying himself by the end of church. He is excited about inviting some of the boys in his class to come over and play. I know he will have a great year. I am a little sad though, some days he is just growing up too fast..


Grumpy Kind of Day

Sick Mommy equals unhappy children. Guess the saying is true. "If mom ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

Girly Girl Breakthrough

There is a some girly girl starting to emerge from my little tomboy. She wants pretties in her hair, makeup on her eyes, nail polish on her piggies. She wants to wear all things pink, or sparkly. One minute she will be wanting to look as pretty as a princess and the next minute she wants to be digging in the dirt with her brother. She is one spunky girl, and she is mine!


"Nanakin Skywalker"

My boys have a new obsession:
I don't mind one bit. Nothing I love more, than seeing my two boys together!


So It Continues

This is what we woke up to this morning:
(hard to see but every single blade of grass is covered in ice.)

The art of eating an icicle:

1. Reach for the ice covered tree branch.
2. Break off the best looking icicle.
3. Now give that icicle a good lick.
4. Mmm. That hits the spot.
5. Forget licking. Just chomp it up.
6. Scope out the area for more tasty icicles. Then REPEAT.

He enjoyed the ice too. Not quite as much as his sister. But enough to go back for more!