Wheels of Training.

This was yesterday.

Isn't he one handsome dude.

He has the most killer dimples.

He's hilarious. Like have me rolling on the ground funny.

This was today.

I didn't really think he would do it. He has been kind of attached to his training wheels.

He was a little discouraged his first try. Some neighbor boys were riding. He mumbled "they make it look so easy". So we waited for them to leave. And he was ready to try again.

He was laughing so hard he could barely stay upright.
(you will want to click on these two pictures and see them bigger. I promise.)

There were moments Mike could barely keep up.

Isaac was the one who made it look so easy.

*I know he isn't wearing shoes. I was so surprised he wanted to go for it, we didn't run inside to break the mood. He also was wearing a helmet the first time. We all just got a little too excited. For the record he is totally my safety conscious boy. Like seriously won't ride his scooter or bike without a helmet. Won't swim without sunscreen...That's how stoked he was that he was doing it! Tomorrow we will be safer...m'kay.

Short and Sassy.

Yesterday, spur of the moment I took Ainsley down the street for a new 'do.  I asked for just above the shoulder bob.  Let's just say she got a little more than that.

It was bad.  Apparently just above the shoulder means chin length.  And stacked in the back.  Well that's what I assume she was trying to do.  It was choppy, uneven.  The girl was so excited with her work.  And I had no idea how to say it wasn't what I asked for.  At all.  I paid.  Walked home.  Made a phone call.

My neighbor is a hairstylist.  She said she would take a look and try to fix it up for me.  I don't know why I didn't take her there first.  The other place is cheap and quick.  You get what you pay for.  I got cheap and quick.

Her hair had to be cut a little shorter.  But let me tell you, that Amy, she's a miracle worker.

Ainsley goes back and forth.  She will cry because it's short.  Then "whip her hair back and forth.  Back and forth".  I think it kind of fits her though.  Short and Sassy.

* the pictures don't show very well the length. The back is cut at the base of her skull. The front just barely above her chin.


Storms Blow On.

Tornadoes popping up directly to the south.

And just to the north.

Here's us.  Right in between the storms.


*We actually had a severe thunderstorm warning.  A tornado warning.  But only got a lot of rain and quite a bit of lightening in our little neighborhood. Prayers to all those who have been in the direct path of the raging storms.  So many these past few weeks.  Prayers as they rebuild their homes and their lives. 


I love the desert.  I really do.  But color.  Color everywhere.  I am really going to miss this. 


What do you think?

I don't know. . . maybe it's just me, but I think Gwen looks a lot like I did as a baby. I used to think she looked just like my sister. (I think it's the blue eyes and blonde hair), but I found my baby pictures and. . .

I can see it.  I can also see my "rolls" were so much cuter back when I was a baby.  {wink}


Icky Sicky.

This poor baby has been sick.  Like very very sick.  For 2 weeks.  Maybe 3. . . or longer.  I have lost track.  Raging fever for two of those weeks.  She rarely got out of bed.  Ate almost nothing.  Horrendous cough.  Which would make her gag, and you know what.  Hives broke out sunday.  Everywhere.  And then magically were gone.

Today was the first day she felt good enough to come outside.  I think she has only fallen asleep twice today.  HUGE for how sick she has been. 

She's not in the clear yet, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, I hope (knock on wood).  Pretty Please.  With a cherry on top.

Little Miss is skin and bones now.  Not that she was big to begin with, but the lack of meat right now. . .it's sad really.

Mike and Isaac have been sick.  Just no where near as sick as Missy Moo.  Here's to hoping this nasty virus has packed his bags and left. Gwen and I have been spared.  And would like to keep it that way.

*yes she runs around without clothes.  All.of.the.time.  Everyone within a two mile radius of our house knows that.   Just fact here people.  Most neighbors thank us that she wears her undies... now.   Come on, we do have some class.
**and in case you are reading this and think we are straight up crazy (we are).  She wears clothes.  Skirts mostly.  She has real issues with pants/shorts.  But keeping those clothes on her...that's the tricky part.  It's all about picking our battles with this one.  Come meet her.  You will understand.

Post Nap

Just having a Kate Gosselin sort of hair day. 

Baby Steps.

Oh. My. 

The cheeser
The dimples
The cheeks
The rolls
The tooshie

I don't know which is making me smile more.

Picnik collage-3

Picnik collage-2

She is only taking a few steps at a time.  I think five is her current record. Does this mean she is a toddler now??  Someone please tell me no!

I am going to miss her little stink bug crawl, but those weeble wobble baby steps are pretty darn cute.  Okay let's just be honest here.  Everything about her is cute.  Beyond cute. That's just how my baby girl rolls.

Picnik collage-5


Go check out all the flowers in bloom over at 

ps.  I got hives yesterday. . . while taking my flower pictures.  My only guess is the weeds surrounding the flowers were stinging nettle.  So while the flowers were lovely, I am pretty sure there will be no more gallivanting around wild flower fields for me. 


This girl took her first steps yesterday.   


So cute
My baby is growing up.


The Sun is hot, It Burns all Day.

I have been wound a little tight the past few days.  Stressed out is putting it mildly.  I know if I don't like being around me right now, I can only image how everyone else in the family feels.

I declared it was a vitamin D sorta of day.  You know since the clouds have finally lifted and the storms have passed.  Perfect weather for some sunshine pick me up.

Always a bad idea.  Always.

You see I am as white as they come.  Blinding white really. 

And now ...

I am as red as they come.

Less than an hour in the sun and I look like a lobster.  Not quite the pick me up I was looking for.

Mike informed me I had been outside about 15 minutes.  Whaaaaaat?  This burned?  15 minutes?  Not cool.  Not cool.