Wheels of Training.

This was yesterday.

Isn't he one handsome dude.

He has the most killer dimples.

He's hilarious. Like have me rolling on the ground funny.

This was today.

I didn't really think he would do it. He has been kind of attached to his training wheels.

He was a little discouraged his first try. Some neighbor boys were riding. He mumbled "they make it look so easy". So we waited for them to leave. And he was ready to try again.

He was laughing so hard he could barely stay upright.
(you will want to click on these two pictures and see them bigger. I promise.)

There were moments Mike could barely keep up.

Isaac was the one who made it look so easy.

*I know he isn't wearing shoes. I was so surprised he wanted to go for it, we didn't run inside to break the mood. He also was wearing a helmet the first time. We all just got a little too excited. For the record he is totally my safety conscious boy. Like seriously won't ride his scooter or bike without a helmet. Won't swim without sunscreen...That's how stoked he was that he was doing it! Tomorrow we will be safer...m'kay.


Teddy said...

love this post...we have that exact same bike!

Lyndsay Winters said...

I teared up a little...I'm sentimental like that. His face in those pictures are perfect. Congrats to your way too big boy. And your neighborhood is adorable.

Are your streets concrete like a freeway? Never seen that before :)

Lindsey said...

Way to go Isaac! Love his face!

Is that a nakie Gwenie I spied in the background of one of the pictures? : )

Michelle said...

Is this your new neighborhood???

Heather said...

HI Brooke,
I wish you were still on FB. Have you moved? We are in KS and moving to OK in a couple weeks. We will be heading your way soon too. I have lost your e-mail address and remembered you had a blog and hoping to get a hold of you this way:)

Michelle said...

Brooke! I think you're one of my friends whose blogs I check most because I always love seeing your beautiful pictures! And you haven't updated in awhile!! I know you're probably unpacking/moving or something, but excuses, excuses! 'Bout time. We wanna get the update on the Mortensen clan and see some pretty pics!!