Isn't my girl absolutely beautiful?   Short hair suits her. 

Thanks to her handy dandy scissor work, she ended up with a new (and a lot shorter) haircut. The bangs were also her work a couple months ago.  Oh Ainsley.  The child who keeps me on my toes.  Someone that tests my patience daily.  A little girl I love to pieces.





Yesterday my handsome little dude turned seven.  
I think I am still in denial. 

My first born.  I realized the other day he is growing up.  
I mean I know he is getting bigger (I have the shopping receipts to prove it).
But when we talk.  I can see he isn't so little anymore.
I enjoy watching him grow up. 
He can be opinionated and stubborn.
Helpful and kind.
Care-free and silly.

I love this boy more than my words can say.



Yesterday the middle child.  Our first daughter.  My little girl.  She turned five years old.

She was a messy little girl.  Always covered in dirt.  Food.  Paint. Marker. Bumps. Bruises.

She was a tomboy princess.  Always wearing pink.  Playing in the mud. 

Her sense of humor was a little more quiet and subtle.  But it always made me smile.

She had no fear.  She was a risk taker.  Walking at eight months.  Leaping by two.

Such a pretty little girl.  Inside. and out.

Here we are five years later.  She is still... messy. a little bit tomboy. making me smile. active. beautiful.  She is someone I absolutely adore.  Every crazy little bit.