My sister Lindsey's "big, purple framed glasses" must have been rose colored as well. As far as I know I am her only older sister. I also know this is far from the truth:

"a gorgeous, popular older sister who all the guys were in love with."

Not true. False statement. End of story. But thanks for thinking I was. You are now my favorite sister.

Here's the truth.

I had an obsession with silk shirts. They were horrendous. And that's putting it mildly. I wore them on picture day. One of those shirts being olive green and a burnt brown color. It was gross. And I thought it was so cool. Lame.

I was pretty smooth too. So smooth. One day while running laps on the track, a group of us girls were acting so silly/ditsy super cool, while a group of older boys were on the field. I decided to step it up. You know so those super cute boys would look over in my direction. (Remember how super smooth I am). I take off running as fast as I can go. Pulling ahead of my friends. Yeah that's right I was super athletic too. In front of me are hurdles . . .missing the bar you actually jump over. Since I am super {all of the above} I use my best hurdle jumping skilz to clear the hurdle that had no bar. Picture perfect jump I tell ya. The landing would have been perfect too. Except I really had no jumping skilz. And I fell. I fell hard. Right on my face. My hands, knees and chin were bleeding. Lying there face down on the ground I heard laughing. Really it was all in my head though, because those super cute boys weren't even looking in my direction. Ouch. My pride was super hurt that day.

Or one day when I got off the bus stop a few stops early. To walk with a boy, I wanted to impress. I wasn't paying attention of where I was walking. I ran into a mailbox. Tripped. Arms flailing. And fell. He laughed. (how rude).

She wanted to pass on the stylish blogger award game thing to me. I don't play nice. I don't keep it going. Sorry. But I will give you seven random facts about myself. I am nice like that. Plus she's my sister. How do I say no?

1. I rarely wear make-up. My hair is normally in a pony tail. And I wear a lot of sweat pants. Sad story. But a true one. Once upon a time I used to take the time to get all done up . . . all nice and purdy like. It's a goal of mine to be put together again. every.day. I am proud of the fact that on the days I do get dressed up it takes me 20 minutes to shower, do my hair and makeup. Once upon a time. It took me that long just to take a shower. Double that amount of time to fix my hair and makeup. I am proud of my new talent.

2. When I eat, my bites are disgustingly big. Bad habit. I know. ps. I am totally lady like when I am around other people. I am not completely disgusting.

3. I don't drink while eating. I finish eating and then drink my water at the end of my meal. All at once.

4. I can out eat anyone I know. One time some football friends of mine (college and big guys) went out and had an eating contest. All you can eat pizza. It's sick, but I won. Why are all of my facts about food. I will move on to something else.

5. I am a sucker for animals. I have always wanted a pet (and have tried many times it's embarrassing really). I just have a hard time committing to keeping them. It's pathetic. I have been known to take in strays, and find them homes. Basically I should open an animal shelter or start a rescue. I would be good at that.

6. I am a light sleeper. really. really. really light sleeper. At night, I have the bathroom fan going, an air purifier, an air humidifier and our recent addition a white noise maker. And I can still hear every little creak in my neighbor's house. Okay it's not that bad, but all of that white noise barely helps me stay asleep at night. Bad news, Gwen is just like me.

7. I like to day dream. Maybe night dream. I don't know. But it's always before going to sleep and when I have just woken up but don't want to get out of bed. It always starts out as a list of things I want to get done. . . and then my mind wanders. I dream of having my own reception hall/home. Of being an actress. Of traveling the world. Becoming an awesome photographer. A cake decorator. Of the home I want to build. . . and some really really random things.

I won't give actual names. But if you have read this post. Consider yourself named. And post seven random facts about yourself on your blog. I will love you, if you do. Okay I will love you if you don't. But I do LOVE reading posts like this. It's kind of like people watching. On a blog. Kind of.


Rolls. Rolls.

I won a head band from Oh So Chic Baby Boutique. I am such a lucky ducky. Time for a photo shoot with one certain cutie patootie.

Such a seriously little gal. . .

and somewhat of a stinker. . .

but most definitely a keeper.


I Have a Feeling.

I think I need to clarify, the mess doesn't bother me. It gets cleaned up and put away. Nothing to stress about.

It's actually less work these days. I am more management than actual labor. I have a three year old and five year old that do most of the picking up. It's nice. I am starting to catch on to the 19 kids and counting. I tease. I wish it were that easy.

If you see me looking a little worn and haggard. . . hmm. Maybe not so much haggard. I just looked up the definition. I am not scrawny, slim, slight or thin. Nor am I weak, undersized or frail. I AM a little pale. I am as white as they come. I don't tan. I burn. I like to pretend I have the complexion and beauty of Snow white. Just look past my freckles. Dead ringer.

Oh wait this is right "Showing the wearing effects of overwork or care or suffering" Now I am just being melodramatic.

Life is good.

There is always a mess somewhere. Maybe not always play doh on the piano. Some days is crayon/marker/pen on the walls. My favorite was the day it was permanent marker. {I hide those things things so well, I can't find them. My kids though have some kind of built in detector. That and a certain 3 year old is part monkey. And can climb up anything. There is no safe hiding in our home}. Some days it's flooding the bathroom sink. Other days it's breaking eggs on the floor. Or pouring shampoo and conditioner on the carpet. Or taking my makeup and decorating the bathroom. You know the usual.

You know it's hard work. Raising children.


I wouldn't want it any other way.

**update- today's mess involves a 3 year old eating an entire bottle of vitamins. I think I will start looking haggard very soon.

Although half haggard might be nice. Quick fix get thin plan. No? Maybe taking up running to calm my nerves instead of chocolate would help there. . .


For Real.

Jami wants honest. So honest is what she will get.

I have a picky eater. Beyond picky. He makes him self throw up. Sometimes daily. Sometimes weekly. But always monthly. It's gross. It drives me to insanity. Like today when he was eating a sandwich he normally loves. He saw some wheat (he calls it a seed). And you guessed it. He made it to the toilet. Yesterday I wasn't so lucky.

I have a child who should be potty trained. She could care less. And will literally sit all day in "no-no's". I only find out if someone happens to walk downwind of her. It really gross. She pooped in her pants 4 times. Two days ago. Never told me. I had to find out each time the hard way. Blah. So now today she has the diaper rash of all rashes. The skin is peeling off. It's bad. She screams. I want to pull my hair out. Or maybe hers. Why can't I get it through her head, that this would be solved going on the potty.

I have a baby who won't sleep through the night. Last night was really bad. To top it off she woke up two hours earlier than normal. She's cranky. And so am I. I want to go hide in my closet. With a pillow. And a blanket. Maybe take up sucking my thumb. Don't judge. It might work!

My kids wrecked the front room in less than two minutes. It will take at least an hour to clean. Add that to my 7 baskets of laundry to fold. Two bathrooms and a kitchen to clean. I am dreaming big to think it will all happen today.

Then, I wanted just a few minutes to myself. Busted out my zumba dvd's. And gave my 9 month old baby part of a chocolate chip cookie. Gasp. (The other two didn't have get anything like that until their smash their first birthday cake). I am desperate here people. Good news that darn cookie kept her quiet. Bad new, I didn't put her in her highchair. And another point goes to me. . . for awesome mom of the year. What a mess. Yay! More cleaning.

So I clean up the mess on the floor, turn around to get baby, and she is eating moon sand off the kitchen floor. Did I mention my kitchen table is a sand box right now (so you can imagine what under the table looks like) I take her to the bathroom, wash her off, and guess what. . . she wasn't eating sand. She had a toy penny in her mouth. EVEN MORE AWESOME.

I have tried to put my cranky baby to bed twice. She's not having it. My kids have been in time out twice for fighting. And it's barely lunch time.

Oh and I just looked at my piano. The kids covered it in play doh. And Ainsley is coloring all of her toys with permanent marker. That's what I get for trying to work out. It's a conspiracy I tell ya. To keep me nice and fluffy. I's it too much to ask to have a rockin' hot body when I turn 30 this year. Ya know, start off my 30's with a bang. (Okay I don't care about the smokin hot bod. . . but I really really do want to feel healthy and strong!) Apparently for the kids it is too much to ask.


To top it off I am in my pajamas. Not just any pj's. Christmas ones. With a non matching purple top. It's really quite attractive. I figure if I am going to have a tough day, might as well do it in comfort. I just feel bad for the ups man that had to see me looking so put together. . .

I may not get mother of the day award. But I think I should be considered. I mean haven't raised my voice once today, even if I have wanted to a few times. And I am not in my closet, with the bedroom door locked, sucking my thumb. That should count for something, right?

All I have to say is thank goodness Ground Hog day is only a movie.

ps. Sorry to let ya'll down. I know you thought my family was perfect. You aspired to be just like us. (Bwhahaha. Wouldn't that be funny.) Just trying to keep it real here folks. Don't hate.


Try Again.

Found some oopsie wood at home depot.
50 cents. Score!
I tried to make some prop floors.
They didn't turn out like I was hoping.
So I guess I get to keep trying.
Until my paint is gone.
I think trying to be thrifty isn't going to work in my favor this time.



Tried my hand today at "landscape".
Time to save up for a telephoto lens.

It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be.
It was a nice little break.
All by myself.

Much needed.
My new favorite way to spend "me time".


We have been waiting.
and waiting.
and waiting.
for snow.

Today was the day.

We bundled up.
Went outside.
And lasted a whole 20 minutes.

That darn wind was cold.
Really cold.



It has taken Gwen almost nine months to eat solid food.
Rice cereal forget about it.
Baby food double forget about it.
She would gag and make herself throw up.

(In my head I feared another picky eater. Or worse something wrong with her throat.)
(sidenote: the dr had warned me about hemanginomas growing internally and her throat was something I was supposed to keep an eye on.)

But then there was that day I gave her a bag of poptarts to play with.
Thinking she would like chewing on the wrapper.
When I came back to get her, the bag was open.
A poptart was missing.
There was evidence in her mouth.
She could eat

So two days ago, she sat in her highchair for the first time.
Avocado's anyone?

There was a bit of playing.

And a bit of cheek stuffing.
(my sister was the queen of chipmunking food. Gwen looks just like here here).

Not all of it made it to her mouth.

But she loved it.
And was pretty proud of herself for being so big.

And I got to make dinner in peace.
{Lots of sighs of relief}

Through the Woods.

It's been a warm winter so far.
Word on the street we are supposed to get snow this weekend.
We hope it's true.

We are taking advantage of the mild winter.
By hiking.
In Texas.
Makes me laugh.
Using the words Hiking and Texas together.
I always though hiking was in the mountains.
Mike said it's not true.
So I looked it up.

hike: a long walk usually for exercise or pleasure
Hiking is an outdoor activity which consists of walking in natural environments, often on hiking trails.

He wins.

That's my boy. Running to make sure he is in front.
I used to do the same thing.

Ainsley is my "gatherer/collector"
I don't know that it's possible for her to go outside without collecting.
It's what she does.

To him, sticks are only worth something if they look like a weapon.

Ah, my collector.
Looking for treasures.
And my boy.
Using his stick to try to fight Daddy's.

And that's how we hike in Texas.


Still Sitting.

In eight short days my baby will be 9 months old.

She's not a crawler yet.
Or a walker (like sister was at 8 months).

Which is just fine with me.
The house is a lot harder to baby proof.
You know with older siblings running around.

Like right now even as I type.
Big sister has a big ball of play doh out.
Trying to shove it in Gwen's face.
And there are hershey kiss wrappers trailing down the hall.
And I guess Ainsley was doing an art project recently.
Because there is a piece of paper cut into a hundred tiny pieces.

We only have days maybe a couple weeks left.
Before Little Miss will be into everything.
And everything will be in her mouth.

Like I said friends, she's almost ready for take off.
I will enjoy even these last few days even more.
While she's just sitting around.
Combing the carpet for crumbs left behind.
Anything to put in her mouth.

ps. Is it just me, or can you totally tell these two girlies are cousins?
I have been told it's just me.
I see it though.
I really do.