Still Sitting.

In eight short days my baby will be 9 months old.

She's not a crawler yet.
Or a walker (like sister was at 8 months).

Which is just fine with me.
The house is a lot harder to baby proof.
You know with older siblings running around.

Like right now even as I type.
Big sister has a big ball of play doh out.
Trying to shove it in Gwen's face.
And there are hershey kiss wrappers trailing down the hall.
And I guess Ainsley was doing an art project recently.
Because there is a piece of paper cut into a hundred tiny pieces.

We only have days maybe a couple weeks left.
Before Little Miss will be into everything.
And everything will be in her mouth.

Like I said friends, she's almost ready for take off.
I will enjoy even these last few days even more.
While she's just sitting around.
Combing the carpet for crumbs left behind.
Anything to put in her mouth.

ps. Is it just me, or can you totally tell these two girlies are cousins?
I have been told it's just me.
I see it though.
I really do.


Chelsea said...

Sweet girl is getting tooo big. She's so ready for take off! Keep pulling her legs out so she can't go :)

And you aren't crazy. I totally see the resemblance. Very strongly!!

Lacey said...

I see the resemblance in the mouth for sure- and the eye color.
Super cute!

Lindsey said...

Ok, I will give it to you in those pictures...they do look alot alike!

I think the saddest thing about her crawling will be the loss of her squishiness- hold her off until I can see it first hand!!!