It has taken Gwen almost nine months to eat solid food.
Rice cereal forget about it.
Baby food double forget about it.
She would gag and make herself throw up.

(In my head I feared another picky eater. Or worse something wrong with her throat.)
(sidenote: the dr had warned me about hemanginomas growing internally and her throat was something I was supposed to keep an eye on.)

But then there was that day I gave her a bag of poptarts to play with.
Thinking she would like chewing on the wrapper.
When I came back to get her, the bag was open.
A poptart was missing.
There was evidence in her mouth.
She could eat

So two days ago, she sat in her highchair for the first time.
Avocado's anyone?

There was a bit of playing.

And a bit of cheek stuffing.
(my sister was the queen of chipmunking food. Gwen looks just like here here).

Not all of it made it to her mouth.

But she loved it.
And was pretty proud of herself for being so big.

And I got to make dinner in peace.
{Lots of sighs of relief}

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sarah said...

Haha, I new she could eat. Stubborn little girl. Can I just say you are smart to have all the lining off the high chair. I figured that out, but it took awhile :) It is so much easier to clean.