Our Princess

Remember this post about how my little girl is becoming a princess. Well I decided to enter my little princess in a contest.

I had every intention of taking her out for some photo shoots to get the "perfect pictures", but life got in the way. . . what am I saying, I think every picture of my little girl is perfect. Any picture I see of her brings a smile to my face.

I know I am her mother, and I am partial, but I think she is one cute girl. She is full of life, and puts life into all those around her. Her brother calls her a princess, and I agree 100%.

I love all of the "little girls and girls dresses from shabby baby" but don't you think this one would be adorable on my little princess?! Such a happy dress for such a happy girl.



I am warning you now, this post is about a dog. Not even my own dog. He belonged to this awesome family.

I do claim him as part mine though, just the tiniest bit. He was an extended visitor at out house a couple times last year.

Maverick was hit by a car last night , and when Chelsea called me last night, I couldn't help but cry with her.

Mavvy was one of the most obnoxious little guys I knew. He was stinky, he licked his paws constantly, he had gross skin, he would throw up on our carpet, he would dig in our trash, he would eat the kids diapers (making it fun to clean our backyard). . .

But oh how I loved Mr. Mav. How could you not fall in love with these eyes?

He really was a good boy. I always find it amazing how much you really can learn from your pets.

He always followed me around, even if I was mad at him. Lesson learned, even if someone makes you mad, there is no reason to sulk. . . you just show that person how much you love them.

Through the good and bad, Maverick was always Maverick. Lesson learned, never pretend to be something you are not.

If I was having a "sad" day, he would sit on my legs and lick away. I know that sounds HORRIBLY gross, but I liked it. It was a free leg scratch! Lesson learned, when someone is having a bad day, sit by them, silent, giving them your love.

He took such good care of Mayzie (his sister). He licked her ears clean, he would bring her food, he would hide her when the kids were after her, he took the blame for a lot of the things Little Miss would get away with. Lesson learned, always be a friend. A loyal to the end friend.

He loved when we would go on walks, he was even sweet enough to tolerate Ains being the leader. Lesson learned, enjoy life, the simple things.

Thank you Mav for all you have taught us. We sure love you!


Weather Overload

One day Thunderstorms and Tornadoes are rolling through.

The very next day it snows. (this isn't an actual picture of the snow from yesterday. The kids and I were asleep, and mike doesn't have blogger brain. . . so no pictures of yesterday).

Then the next day sunny, beautiful, not a cloud in the sky.

I feel that in three days, I have felt three of the four seasons. Part of the fun of living in Texas, you never know what the next day will bring!


Snips and Snails and Puppy Dogs' Tails

Never a dull moment in the house when you have a little boy!

note: this is one of the least of disgusting angles. the other shots grossed me out so bad I had to delete them. . . something about seeing a hole in my son's lip didn't sit well with me.


Day 2


make that a PRETTY princess

Obsession with make-up came a little sooner than I was expecting.


Literally as I am publishing this post guess who walks around the corner. . . looking exactly like the image above. Oops. . .a result of me forgetting to lock away my make-up.

Both of my sisters were raided by the make-up monster when they were visiting last week. She has a nose to sniff out make-up like no other!


New Carrot in Town

Guess I am not the only one who misses baby Kerrigan. We have a new baby "Carrot" at our house. Good news is this "Carrot" can handle all of Ainsley's love.


Time to Say Goodbye

Two weeks without getting on the computer. Two weeks without picking up my camera (okay I picked it up twice, but it is usually in my hand everyday, so twice is huge for me! So most of the pictures I have are a courtesy of my sis Lindsey). Two weeks spent with family visiting. (Lindsey and Kerrigan were here for two weeks, and the rest of my family was here for one week. WE MISSED YOU UNCLE BEAR!) Two weeks of fun!

Our days were spent with lots of. . .

playing in the sand
Coloring LOTS of coloring

Lots of Wii (his new favorite seat in the house is the baby swing)

Playing at the park

Baking with Grandma

Chasing Orson

Riding Bikes

Loving Baby Carrot (Ains can't say Kerrigan, so she is now known as Carrot at our house!)

Spending every minute you can with your best bud

Loving our family
If you couldn't tell, we LOVED every minute of the last two weeks!

side note: we are going to sure miss having this happy girl around!



Kids are too smart for their own good sometimes. Take yesterday for example.

I was cleaning the carpets (chocolate milk incident), and after turning off the wet vac noticed the house was quiet. Way too quiet. Silence usually means one thing. . .


From experience I know the first place to look is my closet. The big "no no" area for the kids. Wouldn't you know, that's where they were.

Isaac had found some princess dolls (for Ainsley) that I have hidden on my top shelf (note: I can't reach this shelf without standing on a chair on my very tiptoes). He had pulled a chair into my closet, and stacked some books on that chair, and learned that he still wasn't tall enough to reach the dolls.

The boy is clever, so something as small as being small, isn't going to stop him. Darn Tigger and Pooh, and those super sleuths. "when you have a problem think think think."

Think is just what he did, and as his mind was going his eyes fell upon daddy's golf clubs. With club in hand, back onto the books, on top of the chair he goes.

By the time I found them those two stinkers of mine, they had both princess dolls on the ground and out of their boxes, next to a golf club, next to a chair with books stacked on top.

The most current silence was that of two siblings playing happily together, hiding in mom's closet.


One Man's Trash

It didn't really become a treasure. . . but it became cute and functional for me!

after (well almost done, I still have to get some knobs for the drawers):

Once a piece of trash, this dresser now belongs in the guest bedroom closet. Making a storage space for "junk", and a few extra drawers for family/friends when they come to visit.


No Stories

Nothing to tell, just some dang cute pictures of my favorite people.


Biker Dudes

The weather was finally nice enough yesterday for the kids to try out their new bikes. Isaac was a little impatient, and disappointed he couldn't just take off zooming down the sidewalk. I made him keep trying and within a few minutes he was riding like a pro. According to him he is now a "biker dude" because he can ride so fast. Works for me.

I was dying over how cute Miss Ains was on her new bike. Watching her little tiny legs pedaling. . . so funny! She needs a lot of help staying on track, and needs a lot of pushing, but I have a feeling that little miss independent will be riding her bike like a champ, in no time at all. Story of her life (or mine). My messy, trouble making, adorable baby girl, doing things a little faster than I am ready for. (crawling at five months, walking at eight, finding her on top of the piano at 12 months). She keeps me on my toes!



I look at these pictures and can't believe how grown up my baby boy is. I guess really I can't call him a baby any more, but it's okay if I call him my little boy right? At least for a little while longer. . .

Watching him grow is bittersweet. I wish I could him keep young forever, but watching him grow and learn is such an amazing journey. I am thankful everyday, that he is a part of my life.

Some of the things I love about Isaac:

* He is one of the funniest people I know
* His laugh is contagious
* His dimply smile is contagious
* He tells me I am beautiful
* He tells his sister she is a princess
* At least five times a day he runs up to me, and blows me a kiss
* He tells me daily he loves me
* He is the best big brother
* He has an amazing imagination
* He is very bright and loves to learn
* He loves music, and has some pretty nice dance moves
* He made me a mother
* He makes me a better person everyday

Happy fourth birthday big boy. Thank you for being you. I sure do love you!