I am warning you now, this post is about a dog. Not even my own dog. He belonged to this awesome family.

I do claim him as part mine though, just the tiniest bit. He was an extended visitor at out house a couple times last year.

Maverick was hit by a car last night , and when Chelsea called me last night, I couldn't help but cry with her.

Mavvy was one of the most obnoxious little guys I knew. He was stinky, he licked his paws constantly, he had gross skin, he would throw up on our carpet, he would dig in our trash, he would eat the kids diapers (making it fun to clean our backyard). . .

But oh how I loved Mr. Mav. How could you not fall in love with these eyes?

He really was a good boy. I always find it amazing how much you really can learn from your pets.

He always followed me around, even if I was mad at him. Lesson learned, even if someone makes you mad, there is no reason to sulk. . . you just show that person how much you love them.

Through the good and bad, Maverick was always Maverick. Lesson learned, never pretend to be something you are not.

If I was having a "sad" day, he would sit on my legs and lick away. I know that sounds HORRIBLY gross, but I liked it. It was a free leg scratch! Lesson learned, when someone is having a bad day, sit by them, silent, giving them your love.

He took such good care of Mayzie (his sister). He licked her ears clean, he would bring her food, he would hide her when the kids were after her, he took the blame for a lot of the things Little Miss would get away with. Lesson learned, always be a friend. A loyal to the end friend.

He loved when we would go on walks, he was even sweet enough to tolerate Ains being the leader. Lesson learned, enjoy life, the simple things.

Thank you Mav for all you have taught us. We sure love you!


My name is Andrea said...

Oh, I'm sorry! Those darn pets drive us crazy, but we love them. Zoey has been following me around all morning. Such a loyal little mutt, she loves me all the time, even when I tell her she's dumb.

G'bye, Mr., you were obviously loved and will obviously be missed.

Chelsea said...

When I can see this screen better I will type....
Oh man. Mavy Wavy Ting Tong was lucky to have you guys as his family too. I am glad I have you to cry with! Love you guys.

sarah said...

How sad. That is really to bad, I guess I should appreciate our annoying Chloe more, because deep down she is just a sweet dog!

Lara said...

It is hard to lose a pet. So hard. He was a cute dog.