make that a PRETTY princess

Obsession with make-up came a little sooner than I was expecting.


Literally as I am publishing this post guess who walks around the corner. . . looking exactly like the image above. Oops. . .a result of me forgetting to lock away my make-up.

Both of my sisters were raided by the make-up monster when they were visiting last week. She has a nose to sniff out make-up like no other!


Lara said...

Wow! She's gorgeous!

Does she always hold her lips like that when she's wearing lipstick?

Minharos said...

Gorgeous! That's one way to make those eyes pop.

Brooke said...

Yup, those are her lipstick lips. . . or in this case concealer lips.

Lara said...

Hee hee. I wondered. All of my girls have done a similar face when they wear lipstick. Chloe STILL does it, and she manages to keep it for hours and it just cracks me up.

sarah said...

Wow I am surprised she did not lose an eye, that is quite impressive :) Girls are so funny!

Lacey said...

So funny! Reminds me of Sebastian on Little Mermaid.."You've got to pucker your lips like this!"