Biker Dudes

The weather was finally nice enough yesterday for the kids to try out their new bikes. Isaac was a little impatient, and disappointed he couldn't just take off zooming down the sidewalk. I made him keep trying and within a few minutes he was riding like a pro. According to him he is now a "biker dude" because he can ride so fast. Works for me.

I was dying over how cute Miss Ains was on her new bike. Watching her little tiny legs pedaling. . . so funny! She needs a lot of help staying on track, and needs a lot of pushing, but I have a feeling that little miss independent will be riding her bike like a champ, in no time at all. Story of her life (or mine). My messy, trouble making, adorable baby girl, doing things a little faster than I am ready for. (crawling at five months, walking at eight, finding her on top of the piano at 12 months). She keeps me on my toes!


Lacey said...

Look at Isaac go! We got Elodie that same type of bike when she turned 2. Of course she didn't weigh enough to get the pedals going so she got frustrated easily with it. I think she liked the idea of a pink bike more than actually riding it.
Eventually we bought her a red rider that didn't have chains. She still rides it now and STILL can't get the momentum going to ride her big girl bike.

Have fun with those bikes!

Brandi Jo said...

That is so fun!! We are in the process of teaching Aiden how to ride without his training wheels. He wants to get a dirt bike, but we told him once he can ride his pedal bike without his training wheels, he'll be big enough for a dirtbike! :-) Your kids are so cute!