Kids are too smart for their own good sometimes. Take yesterday for example.

I was cleaning the carpets (chocolate milk incident), and after turning off the wet vac noticed the house was quiet. Way too quiet. Silence usually means one thing. . .


From experience I know the first place to look is my closet. The big "no no" area for the kids. Wouldn't you know, that's where they were.

Isaac had found some princess dolls (for Ainsley) that I have hidden on my top shelf (note: I can't reach this shelf without standing on a chair on my very tiptoes). He had pulled a chair into my closet, and stacked some books on that chair, and learned that he still wasn't tall enough to reach the dolls.

The boy is clever, so something as small as being small, isn't going to stop him. Darn Tigger and Pooh, and those super sleuths. "when you have a problem think think think."

Think is just what he did, and as his mind was going his eyes fell upon daddy's golf clubs. With club in hand, back onto the books, on top of the chair he goes.

By the time I found them those two stinkers of mine, they had both princess dolls on the ground and out of their boxes, next to a golf club, next to a chair with books stacked on top.

The most current silence was that of two siblings playing happily together, hiding in mom's closet.


Brianne said...

Ha! What a great problem solver! Totally sounds like something Ben would do too. At least he was doing something nice for his sister :)

The Miller's said...

ohhhh mercy!! That is a cute story!! kids are WAY TO SMART!!!

Chelsea said...

I love it! She is way too cute and excited! Hope you are having a good weekend! Good luck with I tomorrow if you go!! :)

Marci Coombs said...

Hey Brooke! Check out my blog...I just posted some pics of London in your darling little tutu and headband. They were a HUGE hit! Thanks again!!!

Bethanne said...

I can not believe he figured that out. Remind me not to leave him with Jax by themselves. Ever. :)