Snips and Snails and Puppy Dogs' Tails

Never a dull moment in the house when you have a little boy!

note: this is one of the least of disgusting angles. the other shots grossed me out so bad I had to delete them. . . something about seeing a hole in my son's lip didn't sit well with me.


Day 2


Chelsea said...

So much for thinking he can fly, eh? :)
I think this calls for a new box of Popsicles!!

My name is Andrea said...

Ouch! How did that happen??

Chanda said...

Hello! I do remember you. I just saw your comment from one of my blog posts. Ya, it was the twins that were making me so sick. We had one more after them and I am pretty sure I am done with having babies and look forward to enjoying the 5 I have. I was looking at your blog. You take some great pictures and your kiddos are so cute. It looks like you moved to Texas? Good to hear from you.

Amber Hooten said...

Yikes! What happened???

Janette said...


Chelsea said...

EW!!!! That updated pic gave me heebie jeebies!!