Time to Say Goodbye

Two weeks without getting on the computer. Two weeks without picking up my camera (okay I picked it up twice, but it is usually in my hand everyday, so twice is huge for me! So most of the pictures I have are a courtesy of my sis Lindsey). Two weeks spent with family visiting. (Lindsey and Kerrigan were here for two weeks, and the rest of my family was here for one week. WE MISSED YOU UNCLE BEAR!) Two weeks of fun!

Our days were spent with lots of. . .

playing in the sand
Coloring LOTS of coloring

Lots of Wii (his new favorite seat in the house is the baby swing)

Playing at the park

Baking with Grandma

Chasing Orson

Riding Bikes

Loving Baby Carrot (Ains can't say Kerrigan, so she is now known as Carrot at our house!)

Spending every minute you can with your best bud

Loving our family
If you couldn't tell, we LOVED every minute of the last two weeks!

side note: we are going to sure miss having this happy girl around!


sarah said...

Looks like lots of fun!!!!

The Miller's said...

I know saying bye to family is so hard. But the pictures are so cute!!!

Lacey said...

How fun! I love when family comes to visit!

When did your sister have a baby? I'm out of the loop!

Chelsea said...

Hey my lady! Yea for family time!! We said our goodbyes too. So I expect an gchat soon! Cash is sitting with me, and was so excited to see "2 baby!" I pointed to A and he said "Aingey" He clapped he was so proud of himself!

Allison said...

I love that post. I think it's my favorite so far. Your mom hasn't changed at all, neither your dad. They are exactly how I remember them. Orsen on the other hand... he's so big. That's awesome! You still coming in April and do you still want to catch up? PS- I decided I will only do box cake mixes from now on. I just haven't found a good recipe. Oh well.

Juli said...

What a fun time you all had!