Last night I traded in my get out of jail free card for a VIP pass to visit the porcelain throne. Isaac seems to be completely better and back to his old self. Ainsley seems to do better at times, and then will trick me and be sick all over again! One nasty bug and I will be more than happy when it packs it's bags and leaves.


Still Sick

We are still trying to fight this stomach bug. Ainsley will be going to the ER if she doesn't have a wet diaper by morning time. . .


Laundry and Sleepless Nights

Last night I was up a few times through out the night doing laundry. My third night in a row to be exact. Ainsley has had a nasty stomach virus. She finally just drank two ounces and so far she has kept it down. . . Isaac started last night. I am so thankful Mike so willingly took care of him through out the night. I was running on nine hours of sleep in two days and was desperate for sleep. Thanks to Mike I was able to get in a full night (interrupted, but enough) sleep.

Yesterday we stayed home from church and it was so nice out I let Ainsley go outside for awhile and play. She was going stir crazy after lying on the couch for three days! You can tell they were SO EXCITED to get out (they both were just kind of slow, not that excited at all!!!).

Isaac got some dirt on his finger and just about threw a fit. First sign he doesn't feel too good.

On day two of being sick Ainsley slipped and fell. She got a pretty nice bump on her head. Poor girl has had a rough week.

Isaac is so proud of his new talent, curling his tongue. He thinks he's pretty hot stuff now!



I finally put a page together for Isaac's scrapbook. I haven't scrapbooked since moving to Texas. . . I am a little behind. I enjoyed myself, although would of had a little more fun if my AZ crafty girls were around. I have big plans on catching up :) Now all I need to do is find a good kit club to join. There aren't any good stores near me. Isn't my little "sk8tr boi" a cutie?!

I also made these cute "baskets" for my VT girls. Filled them up with some "hugs and kisses". . . little baskets of love! Each one is made with 3 pieces of 12x12 paper. Super easy and quick. I thought they turned out really cute.


Good Luck

I have said every season that Brooke needed to try out for American Idol. Well this season she did and she is in the top 24. Watch for her to perform with the girls tonight! Good luck Brooke, so proud of you making it this far!

Here's our favorite song of hers. . . (in fact as I am posting this Isaac is singing it behind me. We listen to her CD in the car, so he knows all of the words to this song, and tries to mimic her voice. . . I need to get a video of that!).


SPT -Pick me up

Todays SPT question is: what do you turn to when you need a quick "pick me up?"

This is a good one for me. Ainsley and I were sick earlier, and got better just in time to catch something else. Isaac has joined us this time in our little sick fest! Makes for two grumpy kids and one tired mom.

I have been trying to get painting done around the house, and I have made very little progress. The good news is there is at least SOME PROGRESS.

Isaac has begun his "terrible THREE's", which adds to my need of a good "pick me up"!

So these are the things I like to do when I am in a down mood:

1. I open all of the blinds in the house and let the sunshine in, and if it's nice outside I open the windows and let in outside air.

2. I then like to take a warm shower. . . which would be a lot nicer if I didn't have two kids standing outside the glass doors crying to get in, but I will take what I can get!!

3. Then I do some yoga. My favorite when I am in a bad mood, is just doing restorative yoga (which basically means a lot of stretching).

4. My last step to completing my "pick me up" is eating a good piece of good DARK chocolate. YUM!!

There you have it. If I am in a bad mood this is my routine. Lately this is my daily routine, and if this fails. . . I go shopping!


Speed Dial

Before you read this post you have to promise to not be judgmental AT ALL!!! First off I am sick, and so is Ainsley. My nose is honestly a like a leaky faucet (if it wasn't so gross I would laugh!). Anyway I blame what I am about to say on my foggy brain, slow refluxes, and well just a busy body daughter.

I now have Poison Control on my speed dial, as I have called FOUR times in one week. First I had been painting our kitchen chairs, and left the paint can on the floor. I had put the lid on but didn't put it away because I had one chair left to paint. Well little Miss somehow opens the can and eats a nice hand full of paint. Just so you know indoor latex paint is the least dangerous of paints. Whew!

Two days later Isaac came to me with a mint. I told him he could eat it, and he immediately spits it out and starts crying. I told him to knock it off that it's just candy and to go get a drink of water. He kept grabbing at his tongue, so I took a look. His tongue looked fine, but I noticed a weird smell. The candy had been sitting under my Bath and Body works plug in and it has spilled all over the candy. Poor kid, his tongue was on fire. Once again I had to call poison control. They said he would be fine and they didn't expect any side effects. I felt so bad about getting upset with him.

Yesterday I was miserable and lying on the couch and Ainsley learns how to open our hallway console and gets out my diaper bag. Inside she finds hand sanitizer, opens it with her mouth and of course tastes it. I don't know if any of you had gotten the e-mails about it being dangerous for children, so once again I have poison control on the line! She didn't get much in her mouth, because the stuff tastes horrible. They tell me she could get an upset stomach, but they weren't expecting her too, and get her something to eat with protein and carbs, because it is alcohol. . . great my daughter was possibly intoxicated! At this point I vowed if I had to call poison control one more time I would go CRAZY.

Now on to today. Isaac and I were cleaning the bathroom, and Ainsley wanders in to help. My deodorant had fallen to the floor and shattered. . . of course she runs and gets a bite in her mouth before I can pick up all of the pieces. By this time I have poison control saved to my phone and know the drill. Once again not too worried and she could possibly have an upset stomach. Thank goodness most "dangerous" things taste horrible and very little to hardly any is ever consumed.

Seriously even typing this makes my head hurt! I am starting to think I need to give them my name and number and have them check in daily!

Mike comes home today with Roses and gives them to me and I say "thanks?!" He gave me a weird look and says "Don't you know what these are for?. . . It's our anniversary!" Nice one Brooke! Between the dripping nose and sinus headache, infected wisdom tooth, a sick Ainsley, and calling poison control nonstop. . . I forgot! And as I type this right now, Mike is outside playing with the kids. What a GREAT guy! I am so lucky.