SPT -Pick me up

Todays SPT question is: what do you turn to when you need a quick "pick me up?"

This is a good one for me. Ainsley and I were sick earlier, and got better just in time to catch something else. Isaac has joined us this time in our little sick fest! Makes for two grumpy kids and one tired mom.

I have been trying to get painting done around the house, and I have made very little progress. The good news is there is at least SOME PROGRESS.

Isaac has begun his "terrible THREE's", which adds to my need of a good "pick me up"!

So these are the things I like to do when I am in a down mood:

1. I open all of the blinds in the house and let the sunshine in, and if it's nice outside I open the windows and let in outside air.

2. I then like to take a warm shower. . . which would be a lot nicer if I didn't have two kids standing outside the glass doors crying to get in, but I will take what I can get!!

3. Then I do some yoga. My favorite when I am in a bad mood, is just doing restorative yoga (which basically means a lot of stretching).

4. My last step to completing my "pick me up" is eating a good piece of good DARK chocolate. YUM!!

There you have it. If I am in a bad mood this is my routine. Lately this is my daily routine, and if this fails. . . I go shopping!


The Tate's said...

Yeah that is my kind of girl. Nothing like eating chocolate and shopping. I always feel so much better (although the shopping is rare these days with the hubby in school). HOpe you are having a better day!!! HOpe you guys are feeling better!

Chelsea said...

I am glad it finally let you post! Now this is the 3rd time I am trying to comment. If your blog gives my computer a cold, you are paying for the tamiflu! :)

I am so glad you know what makes YOU happy. That's what matters is that YOU find time for YOURSELF! That's what keeps us from going compeltely insane. Let's get your house healthy already! Wait...mine too.... :) And hey, at least you choose dark chocolate for your treat. It's good for the heart! :)

Chelsea said...

Yea it worked!! :)

Chelsea said...

Ha ha ha achoo!

Kim Skinner said...

Aren't we glad we have so many pick-me-ups since they are needed so often?!?!

Matt-Whitney said...

Girl you have been a busy body. I think Im starting to get sick to. I dont feel sick but My voice is going.

Heidi said...

Love all your pick me ups. Some of those are mine too. I love taking long hot showers, love sunshine and fresh air, love Chocolate (anykind) I really like yoga too.

I hope you guys get better soon. It stinks being sick especially when mom is sick too.

Lacey said...

Well, it's about time we all heard from you! And look at you trying to pretend it hasn't been weeks since your last post!!

Hope all is well in your family! Spring is around the corner and nothing could make you feel better than matching Easter outfits! Makes me giddy just thinking about it!

Jared & April Merrell Family said...

glad you found us! how are you guys?

Marci Coombs said...

I'm so with you on the opening the blinds and letting the sunshine in. And of course...the chocolate...but mine has to be chocolate and peanut butter something or other. I feel for you being sick with your kids. Nothing is worse.

Okay...so I want details on how you know Brooke from AI. She's my fav girl by far. Did you guys go to school together? She's a doll.