Some random pictures I have taken the past couple months.




6 days new.


Birth Day.

I had been sleeping with my phone right by my head for days.  Naturally on the night I would get a message her water broke, I was not sleeping with my phone.  
Mom was pretty sure she would go late.  So of course baby was coming on the day we would be doing maternity shots. 
I am almost ninety nine percent sure that Tiffany was the most calm, completely at ease woman, in labor.  Ever.  She trusted her body.  She knew what she needed to do, and she did it.  During the intense contractions she would close her eyes.  Between contractions she would smile and talk. I can't even find the words to describe how beautiful and amazing she was. Absolutely awe-inspiring.

Then all of the sudden, Charlie was here.  The boy wasn't waiting for anyone.  Including the doctor.

It truly was love at first site for all of the family in the room.  That Charlie, he even stole a little piece of my heart.
Sincerest congratulations to the entire family.  Thank you for letting me share in the journey.   It was an honor being there.  Welcome to the world little Charlie!


Happy Halloween!

Your friendly neighborhood


A Kind of Answer.

Keeping this sweet and simple.
because I had this ridiculously long post written.  Gonna be honest.  It probably would have bored everyone to tears.  (Even if I thought I was hilarious)  Except for my mom.  Maybe my sister.  Because let's face it.  They care.  And they think I am funny.  Most of the time.  (keyword there is AND.  Because I have lots of people that care about me.  Ahhh.  I love my family and friends)!

I have Graves disease.

I finally got a call back from the nurse from the endocrinologist office because I was having some arrhythmia going on.  "Not cool man.  Scary.  But not cool".  (My name is Brooke, and I quote children's movies).

I am on some medication right now to help with arrhythmia and some other symptoms.

I have no idea what the next step is.  or What happens from here. 
I do however now have 1,396 new questions for my doctor. 
Wish me luck.



Want to know one of the most frustrating things? EVER!

Knowing your doctor got your tests results FIVE days ago.  and He still hasn't called to let you know what those results are.

I am being pesky.  And have called three times.  And still no return call.



Super Hero Powers.

Tomorrow morning.  Bright and early.  I am scheduled for a radioactive iodine uptake test.  I will then find out if I have Hashimotos Disease or Graves Disease.  Or by some miracle. Neither.  That it was a fluke.  and My thyroid can correct itself. 
Of the three, I obviously hope for the third option.  Otherwise I prefer the Hashimotos. But I have more symptoms of Graves. ugh. I mean technically I prefer my body was perfect and healthy.  We get what we get and we don't throw a fit.  Right?  Okay I have thrown a lot of fits.  But I can't help it people.  It's a symptom.  I promise.  Look it up.  anxiety, restlessness, irritability, panic attacks. 
I throw a fit and plead thyroid disease.  Naughty.
I know I am lucky that both of these diseases can be treated (not cured) with thyroid hormone replacement pills and other methods.  But I am still a little nervous about tomorrow.  Grateful we can find out what has been causing me so much pain.  But still nervous.
If you feel so inclined.  Send a prayer my way.  Or good vibes if that's what you want.  I will take either. 
And maybe if I am lucky I will walk away with a super hero power. 
I think I will request elastigirl powers.





I feel like to say we went hiking was somewhat of an exaggeration. Because we walked.  On a hill.  In mountain country. My kids thought it was hiking.  My lungs thought it was hiking.  And according to the dictionary it really was a hike.  See wasn't telling any fibberoo's.  Whew.

verb /hīk/ 
Walk for a long distance, esp. across country or in the woods

Isaac wore a jacket.  Even though it was close to 80 degrees.  Who cares if you are sweating.  Better to be safe than sorry he says.
(See that flower in his hand.  That was for me.  Say it with me now,  ahhhhh.)

Ainsley did not want to hike.  She told me so.  Over and over.  Then she saw the flowers.  And she was in heaven.

If Ainsley was doing it.  Gwen was doing it too.  As much as Gwen pretends to get annoyed by Ainsley.  She wants to be just like her.  Can we get another ahhhh.

And yes.  Gwen wore socks with her sandals. It's hard to get those chubby bubby feet in Tennies.  So she owns sandals.  Solution to hiking with sandals is to add socks.  No?  She  also wore some mighty tight leggings.  They made her derrière look five times bigger.  Leggings and socks with sandals.  If anyone could pull this look off it would be Gwen.   and Please.  Let's get one thing straight.  Gwenny is the only person who can rock this trend.  I know she looks adorable.  But I promise, it's not going to be so adorable on anyone else.  Promise.  But it would be really funny to run into someone in the middle of the woods.  Wearing "the Gwen".  Funny and maybe a little creepy.



Little something about the Fam'.  We LOVE animals.  All of them.  Which means, this little fancy pants zoo, was right up our alley.  The kids thought it was awesome.  We even went through a second time.  Okay the kids groaned and moaned when I said we were going through a second time.  It was my idea.  Gwen was my only supporter.  Cheering and squealing right along with me, our second time around.  But the kids really did love it.  Just the first time around, a little more than the second.  And they DO want to go again.

The first part of the zoo is drive through.

Wolves, big horn sheep, bison, and bears.  They walk up right to your car.  I wish you could have heard Gwen's "woweee".

At the end there is a walk through zoo.  Where all the bear cubs are kept.  (You know, so papa bear won't eat them).  It is also where you see all of the wild cats.  Bobcats and lynx hiding up in the trees.  There was a raccoon habitat.  They looked nothing like the racoons I remember seeing growing up.  They were tiny.  Teacup versions.  They were busy cliff diving and swimming.


Moral of the story.  If you are ever in the Flagstaff, AZ area.  Go.  Bearizona does not disappoint.

After Bearizona we hit up the deerfarm.  I would have liked it.  But a couple things ruined the experience.  So I didn't love it.
- It rained.  As in the heavens opened.  And it poured, kind of rain.Since we were outdoors, on a trail, we had to book it.  It stopped raining by the time we made it to the end.  But we were drenched.  And everyone wanted to go home.
- There was a lady that took her two stomach flu sick children.  (for the record I asked if her kids were feeling okay.  They were laying on the ground and tables.  She said "why, could you tell they were green?  they have a stomach bug"  ahhh!  That was my biggest problem.  start rant:  Hello lady.  My family is here to ENJOY ourselves.  NOT get the stomach flu.  Sick people stay home.  end rant.
- Last tiny problem was we went to Bearizona first.  The deerfarm wasn't as fun.  It WAS fun.  Just not AS fun.  But it was fun to go there once.  How many times in your life will you be surrounded by dear?  Not many, my friend.  Not many.  Well, unless you go to Williams often.  But let's just pretend you don't.  'K.

So if you like deer.  Want to feed and pet deer.  Go.  If you like talking birds (they were hilarious, and stole the show at the farm.  No lie.),  Camels, Wallabies, Reindeer (the reindeer were gorgeous), you will love it.  Just maybe check the weather before you go.

We also hiked, jumped on the trampoline, rode bikes (I hated that part.  I don't care what they say.  "once you learn how to ride a bike, you can always ride a bike.  Not true.  8 years later.  Three kids later.  One not in shape whatsoever body later.  It was scary.  The hills in flagstaff are large.  And not easy.  It was not my cup of tea.  Although it could be.  With my own bike.  And lots of practice.Maybe.)  And spent lots of time with family.  The best three day labor day weekend.  Ever.


For the Boy.

He wanted to know why I had to take a picture.  We had just run (well he ran, I walked) home from the park.  He was hot.  And thirsty.  I answer because.  I want to.  And he paused long enough for me to get one picture.  Well two.  One of them his eyes were closed.   Then he ran inside.  Lucky ducky me. I got a picture that makes me laugh.  It was exactly what I needed.  

That one day.

Once upon a time we had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Gwen fell down and broke her crown.


And then Mommy found out she (me) had some whacked out blood work.

Gwen really fell down.  Had a concussion.  Was unresponsive when the paramedics showed up.  Rode in an ambulance to the hospital.  The CT Scan showed a possible crack.  The Dr didn't know if it was the way her plates were growing, or a crack.  Said we could do more tests.  I said no thank you.  And we were sent home.  (of course once we knew everything was okay).  I was told no bonking her head for six weeks.  Let me tell you.  The hardest thing to do with a one year old who has only been walking for two months.  She was acting like herself when we got home.  Just needed a nap and she was good to go.  The next few days she was pretty attached to her binki.  Who wouldn't be?  She is one tough cookie, that girl.

On to me.  Yuck.  I hate talking about me.  Sometimes.  Joking.  I really don't like talking about myself.  Especially when I have such beautiful children to talk about.  I have been absent from my blog.  I have been tired.  So tired.  Then other weird symptoms started showing up.

Excuse the non flattering-y-ness of these pictures.  Out-takes if you will.  They show one of my odd symptoms.  Kind of.  I should take a real picture someday.  Maybe.

Notice my hair.  It's wavy.  I have had bone straight hair my entire life people.  Bone straight.  One day I woke up and I had a curl.  I thought it was from sleeping on it funny.  Then each day more and more got curly.  Well wavy.  But it is straight up curly compared to what I am used to.  My hair has always been straight.  As in I had perms and the next day the would fall out.  I could curl my hair and use an entire can of hair spray and 10  minutes later straight.  Thank you hormones.  For letting me enjoy a short period of bombshell beach waves.

Other symptoms - I have had problems with my weight.  My skin looks like I am 14.  Extreme fatigue.  Out of control mood swings.  Jittery.  Sweating (sick).  And then these bruises started showing up.  Little bruises up and down my arms and legs.  The first time I saw them I had 22 on one arm.  Freaked me out.  And that's putting it mildly.

Okay get to the point Brooke.  I got my blood work back a few weeks ago.  It was all over the place.  My white blood counts are way too low.  My other blood count "stuff" is extremely high and low.  All over the place.  I have to see a hematologist.  Blood clotting disorder.  Next my hormone levels were all over the place.  I have a hyper thyroid.  I laughed when my doctor told me.  I said hyper is the skinny people disease.  Why am I fat and can't loose weight.  And wouldn't you know.  A few people have the same weight problem as me.  Not fair I tell you.  If I have the skinny people disease at least I want to be skinny.  {cue - End of rant}. I will be seeing an endocrinologist for my thyroid.  The Dr.  Threw out words for my blood disorder like lupus.  And for my thyroid graves disease.  The specialists will have better answers.  If I can ever get in.  I won't start the how hard it is to be seen by specialists (their wait lists months out) rant.  Not today anyway.

There you have the biggest reasons why I have been slacking.  I am tired.  And I am chasing around a baby to make sure she does no more bonking.  Which adds to being tired.  Vicious circle I tell you.

The other reasons are.  Swimming.  Park playing.  Friend and Family playing.  Lots and lots of it.   One of these days I should bust out my camera and show you how well my brand new fishies are swimming.  And belly flopping.  It's awesome.


iheart beautiful eyes.

^^Check out more beautiful eyes^^



Talk about whirlwind of a month.

We went to the Ft Worth rodeo.  Rode a bull.
Looked super cute watching the cowboys.

Chased a sheep. 
 Isaac was the first child to get up to the sheep.  But was unsure of what to do next.  So another child took advantage of the cornered sheep and grabbed the key around it's neck.  

Isaac didn't care though.  He just thought it was cool that he got to chase the sheep.  And was the "fastest" kid out there.  I agree {wink}. 

Then some little girl was totally lost and ran back to the middle of the arena.  Oh wait that was my little girl.  It was hilarious.  She thought the kids were going to "race" the other direction.  She was in the lead.  Turned her head around (while booking it) and no one was following.  She just stood there.  Trying to figure out what was going on.  I am dying.  It was so funny.   Like roll around in the manure  dirt kind of funny.

Then Ains spotted her brother.  She ran those little legs as fast as they could go to catch up.  At that same moment her brother noticed she wasn't among the group kids leaving.  Scanning the arena he found her.  And then that sweet boy waited for his little sister to catch up.  And they walked out of the gate hand in hand.  Stop it now.  Makes me cry just thinking about it.

A few days later we packed our bags (and entire house).  And said goodbye to our house in Texas, and started our drive to Arizona. 

Our first stop was San Antonio.  We spent a day at sea world.  I didn't bring a camera.  On purpose.  Gasp.  We saw every single show.  Fed the dolphins.  Sat in the splash zone at the shamu show.  We got soaked.  Take of your shoes and dump out the water, wring out your clothes kind of wet.  Gwen thought it was amusing.  Or she was just too startled by those three big whales that kept slapping their tails in the water, to say anything.  Isaac and Ainsley, not so much amused.  It was a good day.

Our next stop was the caverns of sonora. It was fun.  Overpriced.  Hot.  Humid.  But fun.  We panned for gold.  Cracked open some geodes.  And of course hiked.  Gwen didn't last long.  But the other two kids (with Mike) did the entire two hour tour of the caverns.

We did peter piper pizza in las cruces.  So this stop not noteworthy for most.  But I hate places like this.  Hello germs everywhere.  But we had fun.  I survived.  Although I don't have plans on doing it again any time too soon.  {insert heebie jeebie shivers}.

We got to our temporary house in Arizona sunday evening.  A few hours later my sister and her children came to my house.  They stayed with us for just over a week.  We went to the circus.  Went swimming everyday.  And had lots of cousin fun.  We may have done a little shopping too {wink} Once again no pictures.  Shame shame.  Everyone knows my name.

Fourth of July weekend the rest of my family came and stayed with us.  We ate, swam and did lots of fireworks.

And then it was over.  Everyone left.  I cried.  My kids cried.  Which made me cry harder.

Now we start our new life in Arizona.  Closer to family.  Lots and lots of cousin fun in our future.  And that makes all the difference!

I rambled.  Sorry.  I am tired.  I have sick kids.  And I am tired.  'nuff said.


Wheels of Training.

This was yesterday.

Isn't he one handsome dude.

He has the most killer dimples.

He's hilarious. Like have me rolling on the ground funny.

This was today.

I didn't really think he would do it. He has been kind of attached to his training wheels.

He was a little discouraged his first try. Some neighbor boys were riding. He mumbled "they make it look so easy". So we waited for them to leave. And he was ready to try again.

He was laughing so hard he could barely stay upright.
(you will want to click on these two pictures and see them bigger. I promise.)

There were moments Mike could barely keep up.

Isaac was the one who made it look so easy.

*I know he isn't wearing shoes. I was so surprised he wanted to go for it, we didn't run inside to break the mood. He also was wearing a helmet the first time. We all just got a little too excited. For the record he is totally my safety conscious boy. Like seriously won't ride his scooter or bike without a helmet. Won't swim without sunscreen...That's how stoked he was that he was doing it! Tomorrow we will be safer...m'kay.