That one day.

Once upon a time we had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Gwen fell down and broke her crown.


And then Mommy found out she (me) had some whacked out blood work.

Gwen really fell down.  Had a concussion.  Was unresponsive when the paramedics showed up.  Rode in an ambulance to the hospital.  The CT Scan showed a possible crack.  The Dr didn't know if it was the way her plates were growing, or a crack.  Said we could do more tests.  I said no thank you.  And we were sent home.  (of course once we knew everything was okay).  I was told no bonking her head for six weeks.  Let me tell you.  The hardest thing to do with a one year old who has only been walking for two months.  She was acting like herself when we got home.  Just needed a nap and she was good to go.  The next few days she was pretty attached to her binki.  Who wouldn't be?  She is one tough cookie, that girl.

On to me.  Yuck.  I hate talking about me.  Sometimes.  Joking.  I really don't like talking about myself.  Especially when I have such beautiful children to talk about.  I have been absent from my blog.  I have been tired.  So tired.  Then other weird symptoms started showing up.

Excuse the non flattering-y-ness of these pictures.  Out-takes if you will.  They show one of my odd symptoms.  Kind of.  I should take a real picture someday.  Maybe.

Notice my hair.  It's wavy.  I have had bone straight hair my entire life people.  Bone straight.  One day I woke up and I had a curl.  I thought it was from sleeping on it funny.  Then each day more and more got curly.  Well wavy.  But it is straight up curly compared to what I am used to.  My hair has always been straight.  As in I had perms and the next day the would fall out.  I could curl my hair and use an entire can of hair spray and 10  minutes later straight.  Thank you hormones.  For letting me enjoy a short period of bombshell beach waves.

Other symptoms - I have had problems with my weight.  My skin looks like I am 14.  Extreme fatigue.  Out of control mood swings.  Jittery.  Sweating (sick).  And then these bruises started showing up.  Little bruises up and down my arms and legs.  The first time I saw them I had 22 on one arm.  Freaked me out.  And that's putting it mildly.

Okay get to the point Brooke.  I got my blood work back a few weeks ago.  It was all over the place.  My white blood counts are way too low.  My other blood count "stuff" is extremely high and low.  All over the place.  I have to see a hematologist.  Blood clotting disorder.  Next my hormone levels were all over the place.  I have a hyper thyroid.  I laughed when my doctor told me.  I said hyper is the skinny people disease.  Why am I fat and can't loose weight.  And wouldn't you know.  A few people have the same weight problem as me.  Not fair I tell you.  If I have the skinny people disease at least I want to be skinny.  {cue - End of rant}. I will be seeing an endocrinologist for my thyroid.  The Dr.  Threw out words for my blood disorder like lupus.  And for my thyroid graves disease.  The specialists will have better answers.  If I can ever get in.  I won't start the how hard it is to be seen by specialists (their wait lists months out) rant.  Not today anyway.

There you have the biggest reasons why I have been slacking.  I am tired.  And I am chasing around a baby to make sure she does no more bonking.  Which adds to being tired.  Vicious circle I tell you.

The other reasons are.  Swimming.  Park playing.  Friend and Family playing.  Lots and lots of it.   One of these days I should bust out my camera and show you how well my brand new fishies are swimming.  And belly flopping.  It's awesome.


Janie said...

wonder if the blood clotting problems link to your placenta problems with gwen? I thought for a sec you were going to say you were preggos LOL.. seriously.. get healthy soon HUGS!!!

Lyndsay Winters said...

Um, that's all super scary stuff. I hope you have none of those issues. I hope they find an answer but that it is nothing to be concerned about. And if it makes you feel better, I have a hyper thyroid and am super overweight. Some people have all the luck. It's not me. Hope you and Gwen stay safe and healthy. Keep us all posted. And bring your kids over to play anytime. You can even nap in my guest room if you want :)

Lara said...

Wow, Brooke. I hope that you can figure everything out and begin to feel better. I guess knowing is half the battle, and now you know.

Thinking of you!

Amanda said...

oh Brooke....man....Sounds like a hard time:( I really things start looking up and you have answers.

Teddy said...

What is going on????!! You better post as soon as you know something.

I'm glad baby girl is ok.

We'll have to plan a day as soon as things settle down and you're ready. Love you!

Mariley Johnson said...

Good luck getting in to see specialists and good luck with the results!

Reisner's said...

Wow that is really scary. Both things. Thanks goodness Gwen is ok. I hope you get some okay news with your blood work. That is a lot to take in. You'll be in our Prayers.

sarah said...

I for one have seen first hand how your hair refuses to hold a curl :)
And not a day goes by that Reese does not mention Gwenny bonking her head.
AS for the belly flopping, it's my favorite, so funny, makes me laugh!

Bethanne said...

When it rains, it pours, doesn't it. Hold on tight, Brooke. We're praying for you...I hope and pray that all work out well (and quickly at that). And good luck keeping Gwen immobile. What a "ridiculous" request. Like asking me to keep my children from running or being loud or doing gymnastics or martial arts. Puh-lease.

Miss Chris said...

I have a little inkling of how you feel. I think the news of your clotting disorder was a lot scarier than mine (out of nowhere) mine came because of a DVT. I still freak out when I see bruises on my legs, I feel like a 10 year old kid with all the bruises. I hope you'll be able to get the answers that you need. The most worrisome thing is the unknown. Good luck with everything Brooke. Did you guys move back to AZ?

debrajo said...

Wow! That's a lot of medical things going on across your family. All those dr. visits have got to be stressful. And expensive. Hang in there!!!

And, btw, I love the post about your daughter's eyes. SO COOL!