The New "Do"

I finally had my hair colored today, after being my natural color for three years. It's been four or five years since I have been blonde and I LOVE IT!

Isaac said it best when he said "Miss Holly makes some pretty hair." I agree. Thanks Holly!




I know I have been MIA for awhile. I have been busy as a bee, organizing and painting our home. HARD HARD work with two children underfoot. But I finished Isaac room in two weeks. I am starting Ainsley's room by the end of this week. Here is Isaac's freshly painted room. . . still missing pictures on the wall, but you get the general idea.

Every wall is a different color, and I LOVE it. The big brown stripe on the "accent" wall, is chalkboard paint and also magnetic. (sorry the lighting was weird, but the colors are all the same)

This is why it has taken me two weeks to just paint Isaac's room. While I am busy working, and I am thinking my sweet children are busy playing, they are really busy getting into trouble. This was today's mess. While I am cleaning out the guest room, getting ready to paint, the kids found acrylic paint and decided to paint the bathtub. Gotta love it! (Janette this is for you since you think my kids are SO FUNNY! If you want to send Ryan over for some REAL PUNK training. . . feel free!)

Kind of pretty after draining the water! LOL! My kids have talent!

I will be sparse for the next while, but will update as I get new pictures of finished rooms. We will also be taking a little vacation to AZ in the near future, adding to lack of blogging. Here are my cute kids, dressed in their Sunday best, to hold you over until my next post.


New Scooter

I did a "reward"(bribe) system with Isaac, for potty training. When he finally stopped having accidents in his pants, he would get to pick out his first scooter. That's just what we did this weekend, and he is very proud of his new Spider Man Scooter. I am just as excited as he is. . . NO MORE DIAPERS. I love how grown up he looks on his scooter. I just love him period!

Of course Ainsley wanted a turn.

This is a DAILY activity at our house. Our kids are obsessed with water balloons. They both know it's a "Daddy" activity, and they wait by the door with balloons when we see him pull into the driveway. He can't even walk through the door before Ainsley is shoving balloons at him saying "ba-oon ba-oon, on do it" (balloon balloon I want to do it).

And THIS is what HAPPENS when you leave Daddy ALONE with children and some painting tape. The kids became "ninja turtles" according to Isaac.