Talk about whirlwind of a month.

We went to the Ft Worth rodeo.  Rode a bull.
Looked super cute watching the cowboys.

Chased a sheep. 
 Isaac was the first child to get up to the sheep.  But was unsure of what to do next.  So another child took advantage of the cornered sheep and grabbed the key around it's neck.  

Isaac didn't care though.  He just thought it was cool that he got to chase the sheep.  And was the "fastest" kid out there.  I agree {wink}. 

Then some little girl was totally lost and ran back to the middle of the arena.  Oh wait that was my little girl.  It was hilarious.  She thought the kids were going to "race" the other direction.  She was in the lead.  Turned her head around (while booking it) and no one was following.  She just stood there.  Trying to figure out what was going on.  I am dying.  It was so funny.   Like roll around in the manure  dirt kind of funny.

Then Ains spotted her brother.  She ran those little legs as fast as they could go to catch up.  At that same moment her brother noticed she wasn't among the group kids leaving.  Scanning the arena he found her.  And then that sweet boy waited for his little sister to catch up.  And they walked out of the gate hand in hand.  Stop it now.  Makes me cry just thinking about it.

A few days later we packed our bags (and entire house).  And said goodbye to our house in Texas, and started our drive to Arizona. 

Our first stop was San Antonio.  We spent a day at sea world.  I didn't bring a camera.  On purpose.  Gasp.  We saw every single show.  Fed the dolphins.  Sat in the splash zone at the shamu show.  We got soaked.  Take of your shoes and dump out the water, wring out your clothes kind of wet.  Gwen thought it was amusing.  Or she was just too startled by those three big whales that kept slapping their tails in the water, to say anything.  Isaac and Ainsley, not so much amused.  It was a good day.

Our next stop was the caverns of sonora. It was fun.  Overpriced.  Hot.  Humid.  But fun.  We panned for gold.  Cracked open some geodes.  And of course hiked.  Gwen didn't last long.  But the other two kids (with Mike) did the entire two hour tour of the caverns.

We did peter piper pizza in las cruces.  So this stop not noteworthy for most.  But I hate places like this.  Hello germs everywhere.  But we had fun.  I survived.  Although I don't have plans on doing it again any time too soon.  {insert heebie jeebie shivers}.

We got to our temporary house in Arizona sunday evening.  A few hours later my sister and her children came to my house.  They stayed with us for just over a week.  We went to the circus.  Went swimming everyday.  And had lots of cousin fun.  We may have done a little shopping too {wink} Once again no pictures.  Shame shame.  Everyone knows my name.

Fourth of July weekend the rest of my family came and stayed with us.  We ate, swam and did lots of fireworks.

And then it was over.  Everyone left.  I cried.  My kids cried.  Which made me cry harder.

Now we start our new life in Arizona.  Closer to family.  Lots and lots of cousin fun in our future.  And that makes all the difference!

I rambled.  Sorry.  I am tired.  I have sick kids.  And I am tired.  'nuff said.