2 Minutes

We looked out the window and our rain had turned to snow. For a few minutes anyway. . .

. . . and that's about how long we lasted playing in it.


Two Steps Back

I read things like this (over and over again):

"Lucky for you, girls tend to potty train faster than boys." And "Second (or subsequent) children almost always learn earlier than first-born siblings."

So why is it my firstborn child, a Boy, was a breeze to potty train. . . and my second-born, a girl, recently had me cleaning pee off the keys of our piano.

She had the number two thing down months ago. . . first try. I thought she had the rest down too. I thought wrong. She was doing so good (good enough I thought we were done), and then I got sick/pregnant. It all went downhill from there.

I don't know how many times a day I am taking her to the potty or asking her if she has to go potty. In fact, "Potty" is currently my most used word, and cleaning up the wet spots on my floor (I really don't know a spot that hasn't been hit yet. . . sad, but true) and I guess piano, is my most common chore right now.

I have grown tired of the endless cleaning of pants and cute little princess undies, so for now bare bottom it is. Even if it means we have to run the heater a little warmer than normal, so my sassy little girl won't freeze that cute little nakey tooshie of hers. . .

It's a good thing I adore her!


Carrot No More

I am going to be honest, I knew that one of the big highlights of our trip (for me) was going to see this cute nugget. She thought I was pretty neat stuff the first time we met. . . who can blame her?!

Here she is last summer, when she came to visit. It's no wonder that I thought she was pretty neat stuff too. . .
. . . and still do!

Sidenote: Carrot was her pet-name given by Ainsley, who couldn't say Kerrigan. Today though Carrot is the baby sister in my tummy, and Kerrigan is a big girl Terridan now.


Jessica - She's a senior!

I had such a blast hanging out with the B-eautiful Miss Jessica Seriously, how cute is she?!