Trunk or Treat

It's no big secret that Isaac has been obsessed with Harry Potter.
We have had a couple weeks of nonstop Hogwarts play around here.
And I don't see it ending anytime soon.
A-okay by me.
I paid a pretty penny for the costumes. . .
Plus who doesn't love when their 3 year old goes around the house yelling expectro patronum and accio (insert one of many objects here).
They play for hours.
Making these costumes were worth every single penny in my book.
*Gwen's was the only homemade costume
. . .and she hates it.
But by golly, she's the cutest owl I have ever seen!


Still {Thinking} Pink.

We really were thinking pink all weekend.
And since I know Grandma(s) would never say no
to seeing more pictures of these (too cute for words) girls. . .
the rest of you get to enjoy as well.