Trunk or Treat

It's no big secret that Isaac has been obsessed with Harry Potter.
We have had a couple weeks of nonstop Hogwarts play around here.
And I don't see it ending anytime soon.
A-okay by me.
I paid a pretty penny for the costumes. . .
Plus who doesn't love when their 3 year old goes around the house yelling expectro patronum and accio (insert one of many objects here).
They play for hours.
Making these costumes were worth every single penny in my book.
*Gwen's was the only homemade costume
. . .and she hates it.
But by golly, she's the cutest owl I have ever seen!


Teddy said...

Oh my gosh, Race is totally into Harry Potter right now too. In fact, we just had a "Harry Potter" party at our house on Saturday, wish you guys lived closer...I'll post pictures of it soon!

emily said...

i can't believe how much he looks like HP in that first picture!

so, do you let him watch harry potter? if not, how does he know who he is?

keith and i are going through the movies right now, and by golly, some are scary!

Reisner's said...

I love that.So cute.

Lindsey said...

Haha, who knew a 5 year old could look so much like Harry Potter. Dang I wish I could see it in person : (

Amanda said...

Adorable pictures and costumes! Isaac makes the perfect Harry Potter;) And Gwen as an Owl is to die for;)

Michayle said...

I love the Owl! What cute idea! Gillienne's costume is also some form of child torture, I think that is just Halloween is to kids under two.

dustyperle said...

Have I ever told you that I think you are the best photographer ever. I check out your blog because I love to see what you are up to but to see what kindof beautiful images you are displaying. Oh and love the little white owl. She is so cute!!

kyra and brigham cook said...

haha! so cute!

Janette said...

So cute! Love your kids! xoxo.

amy said...

Oh my goodness...they are BEYOND adorable!!! they look so much like them!! I love it I love it I love it!

My kids totally dress up in Halloween costumes year round too:)

Bethanne said...

Honestly, they should be cast in a movie or at least put on You Tube. They are SO cute. I love 'em!