Previous Years

Here are Ainsley and Isaac last Easter. How fast our children grow!

And here is Isaac two years ago.

Isaac's first easter.


Hunting Eggs

This year, like every other year, I was looking forward to buying the kids easter outfits and getting some pictures of them together. Of course things weren't going to work out as perfectly as I had played in my head.

I was planning on getting in a "photo session" after church, but both of kids fell asleep on the way home. By the time they woke up (six o'clock) it was too cold to stay outside very long. There was some major grumping going on after naps, so getting two children to sit nicely with each other was out of the question. Even during our brief easter egg hunt we had a few melt downs. I had so much fun watching them hunt for eggs despite the drama. Isaac was knew exactly what was going on and ran as fast as he could to get all of the eggs before Ainsley could gather too many. Ainsley though was very content to carry two eggs in her hands and an empty basket on her arm. She had more fun watching Isaac do all of the work!

My favorite moment this Easter (besides eating the wonderful food) was listening to Isaac tell me about Jesus being resurrected. His sweet nursery teachers had given all of the children easter eggs with a picture of the savior inside. Isaac told me "the egg was like the tomb and was empty when they looked inside". Although we all enjoy the festivities that come with the holidays, my heart is filled with love and gratitude for the time we are able to spend together as a family, learning of our Savior and his love for each and every one of us.


Little Miss Mess

I have learned that there is no point in changing Ainsley's clothes when she gets dirty (when we are at home), because within a few minutes she will be messy all over again. If I were worried about keeping up appearances I would be doing nothing all day except washing her hands and face and changing her clothes. For those who don't know me well. . . I am the world's biggest GERM FREAK, so there is plenty of hand washing and spot cleaning going on. I just figure there are better things to do with my time then wrestling with a toddler just to keep her nice and neat.
Here are some great examples of her in all of her messy glory:

"What mom?! I don't eat dirt OR rocks!"

Of course Little Miss Ainsley always has a bump or bruise that goes along so nicely with her mess. . .

Here we are just before our walk started. Notice the nice cut between her eyes (courtesy of older brother Isaac).
By the time we are done with our walk, she has fallen and gotten a bruise and scratch around her eye.
Her first taste of spaghetti was a HUGE hit. I believe it is now one of her favorites. She thought it was so good she had to lick it off of her arms once she had cleaned her tray!
These last three are just because she is just so cute holding hands with Daddy on our walk. I would like to hear which of the next two you like better (I like to hear opinions helps me improve on my photography).

The last one made me laugh. . . "Hey guys wait for me!" She was running as fast as her little feet would let her go to catch up.


Wordless Wednesday

Last week's second snow storm. . . Ainsley cried to go out, but didn't enjoy playing in the snow at all. Isaac would have stayed in the snow all day if I let him!


Oh the Weather Outside

Have I mentioned the weather here in Texas is TEMPERAMENTAL?!

Saturday the weather was beautiful, almost hot, even though I wasn't feeling good there was no way we could waste another beautiful day inside.

Sunday it rained all day long. We are talking major thunderstorms, damaging winds, and TORNADO watches.

Here we are tonight, Monday night, and it has been snowing for the past five hours. We have a good couple inches on the ground, and it is still snowing hard. The last thing Isaac said before bedtime was "I can't wait to build a snowman tomorrow!" From what I hear it's a rare occasion to have snow in Dallas, and Isaac was thrilled. As soon as it started snowing, before it was even accumulating, he ran for his coat and winter gear. We all got bundled up and headed outside. He kept saying over and over "Yeah, I am so excited it snowed on my birthday!" Lucky boy, he got everything he wanted and then some!