Moments Like These

Daily I have countless moments where I feel like screaming and ripping out my hair (see previous post). But I have many more moments throughout my day that bring a smile to my face. Moments like this where my children are happy playing and laughing together.

I love the simple things that bring my children such joy. Like looking out the window together at the black birds that are overtaking our yard.

Moments like these take my breath away. I have two perfect children, and I am blessed to have them in my life.


ANOTHER one of THOSE days. . .

It's just one of those days around here. Last night, I didn't feel like cleaning the kitchen up after dinner. There's my first mistake. I decided it could wait until morning. This morning while I am cleaning, I send the kids to their rooms to play, and for once they were playing nicely. In the middle of cleaning I notice it's quiet. . . a little too quiet. So run to see what kind of damage is being done. Isaac and Ainsley had found travel sized soaps and lotions, and proceeded to work together to decorate the guest bedroom. Shampoo, lotion, toothpaste everywhere.

First step was to give Ainsley a shower, she was covered in shampoo. Next step clean up the room.

While I am cleaning the bedroom I notice it is too quiet again. Lucky me. . . Isaac is in the bathroom, putting makeup on himself and the bathroom mirror.

Time to go clean another mess.


Rough Riders

Last night we went out for our first baseball game this summer. I forget how much fun we have, and wonder why we always wait so long. We bought the cheap lawn tickets this time. Perfect price, and perfect seats for our family. Even the weather was perfect. The kids had a blast running, and rolling down the hill, where we sat. They also spent a lot of time glued to the chain link fence, watching the game. The best par was filling our stomachs up with some good overpriced ballpark food.

The kids trying out their "free" Rough Riders hats.

Isaac with his "Home Run" ball. Okay we didn't really get a home run ball, not even a foul ball. But one of the park workers gave BOTH of the kids balls that had been used during the game or practice. But to Isaac his ball really is a "home run" ball (see the movie Everyone's Hero), and he loves it. He even slept with it last night, and he has yet to let it go.

Of course a closeup of my sweet, messy, little girl. Today I get to tackle the ketchup and mustard stains on her white skirt!

And since I always have upclose shots, of Ainsley's beautiful eyes. I wanted one of brown eyed boy. I love looking at his eyes. They always seem so dark, for his fair skin. . . and I love it!

We had one super fun night at the ball game, and I have big plans on hitting up a few more games before the season is over!


Wilkins Reunion

The first few days of our Arizona vacation were with the Wilkins family up in Northern Arizona (St Johns and Eager). Lots of time spent outdoors, hiking, canoeing, swimming, barbecuing, playing. . . just the way we like it. So for those of you that aren't family. . . sorry this post will mean nothing to you, but it's our family and we sure love them!

A day isn't complete without a picture of my messy little girl!

Ainsley getting to know her grandma (my mom).

Sorry Maddie (my cousin). . . only picture I (actually Mike took this one) got of you!

My Cousin Rajae and Aunt Jeanne. Rajae is going through beauty school and will do awesome!

My cousin, Shannon's boy, Preston.

My youngest cousin Mitchell (he is a year older than Isaac). He is the funniest kid I know, and I kept trying to take his picture, and he was never thrilled about that. Seriously one hilarious little boy!

My cousin Flint, posing for the camera.

Another good picture of Grandma and Ainsley, after it rained on us during our hike in the Catwalk.

My sister Lindsey and her husband Jared. Ahhh what a cute couple!

My cousins Lynnae and Michelle. . . two good lookin' girls!

Mike, Ainsley, Grandpa and Marilyn.

Another good one of Flint. I am proud of him. He just graduated, and has grown up so much. It was fun to see him again. He has always held a special place in my heart. This guy can quote almost every movie out there, and can talk for hours about movies. He does one mean Fat Albert!

Cousins Dallin and Wade

Mike in the FREEZING water, that I refused to even get close too!

Finally meeting up with Isaac. He went with Grandpa (my dad) and was way ahead of us. From what he could tell me, he had a blast.

Ainsley's first canoe ride, with Daddy and Uncle Bear (Jared) rowing. She was loving it, and was a little sad when her turn was over.

Isaac, not so much loving his first canoe ride. . .

Another one of Mitchell. He really is one handsome boy!

Sorry Michelle, I know you didn't like me taking your picture. . .but I needed one of my hot cousin!

Cousin Cody, one cool guy!

This picture of Lindsey and Jared CRACKED me up!
Another picture of Preston. He made this face every time I tried to take a picture.

Cousin Spencer. He is another funny kid. He was having some kind of imaginery Kung Fu battle. . . I think he was winning.

This is my cousin Ethan. I swear it's like looking at a blast from the past of his older brother Carl. . . with blonde hair. I really couldn't get over it. In all honestly he used to drive me nuts when he was younger (I was also kind of a punk teenager), but he is SO FUN to be around now. I love the guy!

McKay didn't want anything to do with me taking pictures but agreed for ONE!
My sisters Lindsey and Janalie. Love these girls!

My cousin Shannon, I sure miss having her around.

Another one of Dallin and Wade. These two were inseparable.

Grandpa and Marilyn.

My cousin Mason was more than willing to pose for pictures. He is what you would call a camera hog, and I loved it!

My cousin Dwight. . . who I adore. I am so proud of him for working so hard. He also almost has a license to pilot helicopters. Amazes me!

Isaac loved these two boys, Cody and Orson (my brother). Isaac still talkes daily about the next time we go to Orsons house. Cody was GREAT with Isaac too, and was wonderful at bringing him out of his shell.

The Wilkins siblings. Uncle Carl, Aunt Becky, Marilyn, Uncle Roy, Grandpa, My dad (Wayne), Aunt Ruth, Uncle David.

With their spouses. . . some were MIA when I took the pictures.

The Wilkins Clan (minus three taking pictures).

We sure love our family, and had so much fun spending a few days with them. We missed not having Bucky and family, Carly and family, and Sheena and family with us. . . oops Kyra too! But wanted to let you know we love you too!