Playing Mommy

This little girl normally is my sleeper. . . well both of my kids are. I got lucky.

The past few days, she has been getting up at 3am. Wanting to watch tv, eat, and drink lots of water. Not like her at all. She also has had a slight fever. Yesterday she had a nice fever most of the day.

She woke me up again about three this morning crying her mouth hurt. I looked inside. Sores on her tongue and inside her cheeks. Nice. I know hand foot and mouth was going around, and I thought we escaped it. Guess not. She's miserable. But she's a tough little cookie. Thankfully not a drama queen when she is sick. One sight of blood and all drama breaks loose. Man, I love this girl!

Like the wink? It's her new thing when I take pictures. Winking at the camera.

And this is his new thing. Can't get a picture without that tongue.